McAfee WebAdvisor Complete Review

McAfee WebAdvisor is a security service by McAfee Inc. It offers a date about the safety of websites through testing and crawling them for threats like spam and malware.

Features of McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor comes with a misclick feature that can block and stop phishing and suspicious websites when you click a malicious URL accidentally. It also offers typo protection that directs you in the right direction if you type a word wrong in the web address. You can easily download it from McAfee.Com/Activate webpage which is specially designed for this purpose making it simple to install and activate it.

You can also have peace of mind since it can offer you safe and secure downloads. If you wish to download your favorites on the web, the McAfee WebAdvisor is the best option. Additionally, it can scan your downloads if it is a cyber threat. The McAfee WebAdvisor will notify you if ever you download malicious content like virus or Trojan. It will detect the threat, and you can choose to block and stop the download. Meanwhile, this feature is only applied for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

It has a security check feature that will notify you if your antivirus is activated, so you can have a secure browsing on the web. Good news, the McAfee WebAdvisor can automatically solve the issue. Meanwhile, if the WebAdvisor doesn’t resolve the issue, it will display the Windows Security Center, so you can manually and directly activate the security settings.

McAfee WebAdvisor


  • Security check feature that makes sure your firewall and antivirus are activated and enabled before browsing the internet.
  • Search protection features that can work by default if you make a search query online. It will also provide you with data about the page’s security: it will mark a red X, green or gray. The green mark indicates that the site is secure and tested, red X indicates dangerous, malicious and suspicious links or downloadable items. Lastly, the gray color signifies that the link is not checked for security .
  • Password protection as you logs in online. With this feature, you can verify password that you type and check if it is not compromised by cyber attackers. If WebAdvisor detects that your password is being compromised, it will suggest you make a difficult and strong password.
  • It can offer you with a great level of protection against virus, threats and other malicious content as you browse online.


  • Some of its features are under powered.
  • It has a little bit expensive subscription fee.


Do you look for a reliable and powerful antivirus program for your computer and PCs? Well, you will not go wrong with McAfee WebAdvisor. It comes with amazing features that can satisfy you with your computer browsing security needs.

It appliesto your different devices, including your Mac, iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, and other devices. It is already received awards because of its quality performance for many satisfied customers all over the world. The money that you invested with McAfee WebAdvisor is worth it because it can provide you with excellent computer protection against different threats and viruses.

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McAfee WebAdvisor Complete Review With Pros and Cons
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