Uninstall McAfee Without Password

The surge of virus creates tension among the users of the devices, and they have to make efforts to provide security to their devices against all upcoming online threats, such as malware, spyware, and viruses. Cybercriminals uses new tricks to trap innocent users to access their devices and its data to get monetary benefits. Every year the number of cases is increasing across the world, therefore, numerous companies claiming to provide impenetrable security to your device has made appearance on the market. After a good search, the users have reached to the point that McAfee Activate software is one of the most sought-after companies in the world which offers inaccessible security to the devices and comes with many plans and its features, including McAfee endpoint security, cloud security, data base security, network security, and so forth. The most outstanding feature is McAfee users can uninstall McAfee without password thereof. 

Issues Encountered By McAfee Users To Uninstall McAfee Without Password

McAfee is enabled with one of the most advanced technologies; however, its users are unable to uninstall this software completely from their system. In general, the users of McAfee can uninstall this product using two ways either from “add or remove programs” or using directory location in which files are installed. But traces of the products are left in the system. As we know that the new same product cannot be installed until the previous is uninstalled from your system. In order to provide easy way to uninstall McAfee without password, this post comprises all the information that helps its users to uninstall the product from their computers.

Here Is Step To Uninstall McAfee Without Password

One can uninstall McAfee product in many ways, but most of its users uninstall it in two ways either using consumer product removal tool or via user settings, and both these ways are easy to do for the users.

Steps To Use Consumer Product Removal Tool

  • Go to the official website of McAfee to download the latest version of MCPR.
  • MCPR tool is not installed; rather you can run this tool.
  • By providing CAPTCHA code, and give your consent to the license agreement, and click on the “next”.
  • You will be prompted to wait unless uninstallation process is done, for the purpose of getting any information regarding this method, you can click on the “View Logs“.
  • If you are prompted to boot your system, you must save all the required documents cautiously, and then you can restart your system.

Steps To Use Settings To Uninstall McAfee Without Password

  • At first, you must reach to the screen of your desk on the bottom of the system at the left side you will find start icon, and then move to the settings, and click on the relevant result.
  • Soon after, you will be advised to double tap on “apps” menu.
  • Thereafter, type “McAfee” in search box, and you will get to know everything regarding McAfee on the system.
  • Now, you pick the McAfee product that you like to uninstall , and then tap on “ uninstall “ button and then you will be asked to ensure the selection, to tap on “uninstall “ one more time.
  • In order to continue, you provide your permission to continue.  Make sure that uninstalling is an administrative function which needs to be executed by its users. Uninstalling McAfee products is long process and you need to follow some steps in order to do so.

Uninstall McAfee without password can be done in many ways. But the above given two ways are the most used ways. If you want to know more about it, you can coordinate to the experts to get help remotely.

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How To Uninstall McAfee Without Password in Minutes
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