Uninstall McAfee If Removal Tool Is Not Working

McAfee is the name of trust, quality, and commitment in this digital life which makes our online life safe and stress free. The life of users is surrounded by online threat and is not secured if devices are not protected by antivirus security software. To access the device and online data is not difficult for the hackers or cybercriminals. This security software protects its users from malware, viruses, hardware failure, file loss, and many more. Cyber criminals have sole purpose to get monetary benefits from the people. Some time, it gets hard to forcefully uninstall McAfee antivirus. This post will help them overcome this difficulty.

Despite having many features and latest technology, the issue of McAfee cannot be ignored by its users and one of the most popular issues is this how to uninstall McAfee if the removal tool does not work. Many a time, the users of McAfee gets panicked if they want to install McAfee security software. There are a few troubleshooting steps which guide you to overcome this issue in no time.

Steps To Forcefully Remove McAfee Antivirus Without Using Removal Tool

The developers of McAfee antivirus security software has launched an easy way to uninstall and allows you to eliminate all traces of security software from your PC. If you are unable to uninstall McAfee, go for these solutions.

Here are three ways of uninstalling McAfee security software.

1. To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus (standard procedure).

2. To uninstall McAfee security software via the removal tool.

3. To uninstall McAfee app from Smartphone or mobiles. 

To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus (Standard Procedure)

1. At first, you must take to eliminate McAfee LiveSafe, Internet and McAfee WebAdvisor from your computer.

2. The first can be the real antivirus and the other can be an extension for the web browser thus you will come to be aware of the reputation of the websites that you have recently visited.

3. As you perform the above steps, you can click on window start button, as you find window search, you are supposed to write control in it. Thereafter you can click on the control panel on your computer.

4. Now, hit on uninstall a program that opens, now choose the icon for McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee internet security and the updated version of another antivirus.

5. If there is a window 10 on your system, you will be on the same screen by clicking the start button.

6. Go to the windows and open, now hit on the yes option.

7. You can delete by way of putting the check mark in front of McAfee Livesafe or McAfee internet and delete all files.

Uninstall McAfee Using The Removal Tool

Sometime the users are unable to find McAfee security software or site advisor on the list of those programs which have been installed on your PC. There is no need to worry for not finding those program, rather you can access to the McAfee security software via removal utility which you can download from the website of antivirus site. Now, you can download the McAfee removal tool.

1. As downloading is done completely, now make double-click on the downloaded file after that it will ask you click on yes option thereafter click on Next.

2. Agree the terms and conditions to use it.

3. You must click on next to remove antivirus, and complete this process while writing the verification code that is found on the desktop of the system, and click on next.

4. Wait for a while, to detect the McAfee from your PC. After that hit on the close and moves to restart options to restart your computer. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Uninstall McAfee On Your Android Phone

1. The first thing which you need to do is this choose the icon of the application from the drawer.

2. For a few minutes you can put your finger pressed on the icon after that you can now drag the icon to the trashcan option which is displayed on the computer screen.

3. Despite appearing warning on the screen, select ok, it means you have done.  

Thereafter, for getting a good outcome you can move to the settings menu, and touch the android application, later on choose the McAfee software and tab on uninstall option on the screen of the computer which opens. By way of adopting these steps you will be able to remove these security apps from your android.

Security software like McAfee can be uninstalled without using removal tools by its users in no time, the above-given information will help you overcome this issue. Despite going through this post, if you find it hard, you can contact to the www.McAfee.Com/Activate team they will give you assistance to resolve this issue.

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How To Uninstall McAfee If Removal Tool Is Not Working
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