Uninstall McAfee Anti Theft

McAfee Anti Theft is unique software that can protect device as well as data of your system from being stolen and does not let data away from falling into the wrong hands. In order to protect device and data, McAfee anti theft protection is robust enough to protect your device. Despite being robust this software you must install it through McAfee Activate Card for the best security, the users of McAfee anti theft encounter a few technical glitches. With a view of resolving this issue, to Uninstall McAfee Anti Theft becomes necessary to fix this issue. By way of going through this post, the users can learn how to uninstall McAfee Anti Theft to resolve.

Note:  McAfee Anti Theft comes to the point of End Of Life (EOL) together with End of Support (EOS) on March 31, 2015. Unfortunately, McAfee does not provide any kind of technical support to its customers for this product. At this point, the self becomes one of the best options to resolve this issue via going through this post. Make sure that your McAfee password is unlocked; you will not get any sorts of customer supports from McAfee. In this situation, self help will be an ideal option to fix this issue too. For the purpose of uninstalling McAfee Anti Theft, the users will have to follow a few of the steps which are given below.

Way To Uninstall McAfee Anti Theft Software

If you intend to uninstall McAfee Anti Theft, the first step which will be taken by McAfee Anti Theft application is to verify a device whether it is enrolled or not. If it finds your device is enrolled, than it will ask for further information, like McAfee account credentials after that you will be able to uninstall McAfee Anti Theft from your system.

• The first step is to access the “start” to click, and then you move to select control panel.

• The next step will be open Programs and Features.

• And then double-click McAfee Anti Theft.

• The further step will be provided your credentials in terms of McAfee Anti Theft user account that you must download and enroll the application.

• Now, you must encrypt any data files, which have been encrypted, after that you can uninstall McAfee Anti Theft.

Now, McAfee Anti Theft can decrypt your data after that you will be advised to restart your computer as soon as the decryption gets over. 

Information Related To McAfee Mobile Security

If McAfee Activate users intend to utilize the McAfee mobile security on your mobile phone, you must download and install this tool, and a few of the features are given below.

• Safe Wi-Fi.

• Anti Theft Protection.

• VPN Proxy.

If you have your personal computer, you must use the vault in McAfee file lock so that the data, like files, media files, and documents which are available in your
system should not be deleted.

All the precautionary steps must be taken in order to save your data than you must think of uninstalling McAfee Anti-Theft. The uninstallation is not tough task to perform for the users of McAfee users.  By way of going through this post, uninstalling McAfee Anti-Theft is possible by users.  

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How To Uninstall McAfee Anti Theft Software In Minutes
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