Transfer McAfee From One Computer To Another PC

McAfee is the name of the trust and robust security to the computers in this modern world is enabled with numerous features and other add-ons day by day. The best thing about this security software is that it can be moved from one computer to another computer, also you don't need to get help from technicians. Transferring security software can be done within a few minutes by its users. Despite being easy work, a few of the McAfee users encounter issues to do so if you are one of them then take help from www.McAfee.Com/Activate team. Taking this issue seriously, this post comes with complete information that can help its users to transfer McAfee from one computer to another computer without facing difficulty.

Why Do McAfee Users Need To Transfer It From One Computer To Another

There cannot be one reason to move McAfee antivirus software from one device to another, and a few of the assorted reasons are provided in this post so as to its users can utilize this benefit in case of finding such situation.

  • In case of buying new computer and intend to transfer McAfee license from old compute to new one is possible.
  • If your old device stops working, you can move your McAfee license to another one by installing.
  • Many a time, it has been noticed that your device is not used for long time, in this situation; you can move it from one computer to another.

How To Transfer McAfee From Old PC To Another On Windows 10

There are two dedicated ways that have been covered in this post and are given below will help its users to transfer McAfee antivirus security software from one PC to another.

Method 1:  One Can Use Computer Data Transfer Software:-

In order to transfer McAfee Activate software from one computer to another, one must use PC data transfer software because it is one of the most reliable software. By using this software, one does not need to install files and other data into another device again. Before using this software, one can go through its features as well which are provided below.

  • The best thing about this software is that it is supportable of all the prominent programs and applications, including McAfee, MS Office, Adobe software AutoCAD, etc.
  • It is enabled with auto-transfer functionality so you do not need to move files, settings, programs manually. All the transferring data issue will be managed by it automatically you do not need to exert any sorts of efforts manually.
  • In order to get any kind of technical assistance, you will get it at free of cost. Moreover, you will get assistance round the clock that will help transfer data remotely.

By using Computer Data Transfer Software, one can transfer one’s data from one device to another device with ease.  In order to do so, McAfee users need to make a few of the clicks. As soon as transferring data is completed, one has to log in again to use this software. As you log in, your account gets activated and no need to activate it again.

  • To begin with running a computer data transfer software on both PCs and select “PC to PC” on the main screen of your computer.
  • Decide the transfer direction like from old to new computer, and vice versa. If you select new computer, then all the data from the old computer will be transferred to new one. While selecting the old, data will be move from new to old computer.
  • Now, connect two computers.
  • Select the PC that you want to connect through IP address or name of the device and then tap on “connect”.
  • After that type the login password of your target computer and then click on “ok”.
  • In case of not finding the target PC in the listed devices, after that click on “Add PC” by yourself, by Typing IP address, or device name to connect the target PC.
  • select programs, software and apps to move towards the target computer. At first you select and choose McAfee antivirus software from current computer to another PC. After selecting McAfee, click on “transfer”.

Method 2: Re-Download McAfee Antivirus On Another Computer

This is one of the most used methods to send McAfee antivirus from one computer to another. For doing so, you need to re-download security software on another computer. The below given steps will help you to transfer McAfee antivirus from one PC to another.

  • At first go to the new computer and web page on McAfee.
  • And then click on “my account” option which is available in the drop-down menu.
  • Type your registered email address and its password and then click on “log in” option.
  • Now, choose the computer you intend to release license from.
  • After that, tap on “de-activate” option.
  • To start the installation process of security software, and click on “download” option.
  • You will find the instruction on the screen to follow, after that download & install McAfee security software.

If you want to transfer McAfee from one computer to another computer, you are at the right place to get complete information, and within a few minutes you will be able to perform your work. However, you encounter any difficulty, you can contact to experts remotely, and your problem will be resolved by them in a few minute.

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How To Transfer McAfee From One Computer To Another PC
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