McAfee Total Protection Complete Review

Antivirus software is essential for the maximum performance of your computer. Thus, it can offer secure protection against different threats on your computer. Well, are you searching for the best antivirus software for your computer? Then, you can prefer for McAfee Total Protection. It is among the most reliable antivirus programs that you can avail in the market. To know more about this software, the following is a truthful review of the product. With this, you will know if it is the right one for you.

Features of McAfee Total Protection

The McAfee Total Protection can offer a total protection to your Macs, PCs, computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices against different types of viruses and threats. It comes with great privacy and speed. This program comes with encrypted storage that keeps the privacy of your sensitive files by storing it on your computer using a 128-bit encryption. It can also make the digital world safe for your family, especially for your children.

McAfee Total Protection

The best about McAfee Total Protection is that it comes with a unique and more interesting Theft protection service. It also features Cyber Monitoring which is one of its top highlights. It can check the web regularly for personal information such as your email addresses, social security number, banking, phone numbers, driver’s license, credit card, passport and more. You will be warned if there is a data breach online.


  • It comes with easy installation on McAfee.Com/Activate Product Key web portal.
  • The program has scanning options of Quick Scan, Full System Scan and direct scan of custom items from the Explorer.
  • The product also features a firewall that can make intelligent choices automatically and comes with different firewall settings.
  • One unique feature of the McAfee Total Protection is that it has file encryption tool and spam filter.
  • It comes with Social Media Monitoring that can warn you about the risks of content sharing.
  • It also has Address Change Monitoring and Social Security Number trace which can prevent scammers from using and stealing your personal data.
  • It has an App Boost that can optimize the I/O and CPU priorities for maximum performance.
  • It has a Web Boost feature that is a Chrome extension that stop videos to play automatically on different websites.
  • It has multi-device and cross-platform to manage protection for your different devices as you browse on the web.
  • McAfee Total Protection comes with a password manager that can remove the passwords hassle with its multi-factor password manager app.
  • It comes with excellent customer service.


  • Some of its features are underpowered.
  • It has a poor-quality interface.
  • It can sometimes make a slowdown.


If you want your computer secure against different types of threats, then choosing the McAfee Total Protection is a good idea. It is packed with useful features that you can use to protect your computer and other devices. It can also prevent scammers from stealing your personal information. With the benefits and drawbacks mentioned above, we hope that you can decide whether this product is the best one for you.

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McAfee Total Protection Complete Review with Pros and Cons
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