Supply Chain Security Attack

Nowadays, imparting awareness for providing security to the devices has been one of the most specific works for the device owners because it can be targeted by the threat actors easily using the latest tricks. In this tech era, not only do they target the devices of individuals but also organizations as well. In order to infect the device, every now and then, they used the most up-to-date technology. Recently, supply chain security has come into the limelight that is used to compromise the device to access its data that can be used to get monetary benefits. For the purpose of protecting devices from the attack of supply chain attacks, McAfee Antivirus Activation software is embedded with technology that keeps it at bay. The following article will help you overcome its attack.

What Is A Software Supply Chain Attack

The relationship between vendors and organizations is breached using software supply chain attacks. The main purpose of hackers infects the devices of the users to access their data or to get access to the other parts of the users network by manipulating code in the third party software components, for example, a keylogger is placed on USB drive that can make its way into the organization and it can detect passwords and other specific information.

What Are The Impacts Of Supply Chain Attacks

A supply chain security attack is a new mode of breaching the security of devices. It is performed by cybercriminals to corrupt the devices to steal data or other pieces of information that can take an organization from flourished to failure.

Data Breach:– Generally, supply chain security attack are executed to access data of corrupted devices, for example in 2018,  British Airways had to suffer the attack of the supply chain, therefore, more than 380,000 transactions of its line’s website have been compromised.

Malware Infections:- Exploiting supply chain security attack to deliver malware or other types of viruses to a target organization, for example, Notpetya, fake ransom ware malware, encrypted computers but it did not save the secret key for decryption. That is why it became famous as a wiper.

Both Software And Hardware Are Targeted By Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain security attack can be exploited on either hardware or software. But to attack hardware seems to be a little bit difficult for the hackers unless routers or IoT devices are on the way to the factory for maintenance but its consequences will be more detrimental than software. Once hardware devices are compromised by online threats and become hard to detect and fix providing perpetrators for long term access.

Can Devices Be Protected From The Supply Chain Attack

Yes, indeed, devices can be saved from the disguised attack of supply chain but at the technical level, the organization has to take measure steps like to make a road map of stopping the attack, to educate device users about security awareness, to have a robust system for breaching security bugs, to go through the software bills of material that can help them track components, and to use security software, like McAfee security software.

How Does McAfee Keep Supply Chain Attack At Bay

McAfee antivirus software can nullify the attack of supply chain security attack on the spur of moment due to its state of the art technology, including customized firewall, two-way authentication, password manager, identity protection, secure file shredder, anti-spam, antivirus scanner with real-time malware detection, network analyzer, and many more. Most organizations or individuals use McAfee antivirus software to protect their data and devices against malware or virus attacks. A good thing about McAfee antivirus is that it provides 24 by 7 technical supports remotely to its users. Thus, it reduces the possibility of attacking the devices even on holidays or festivals.

By way of going through this article, one can save one’s device from a supply chain security attack with ease. Despite reading this blog, one who is unable to resolve this issue can get support from experts remotely.

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McAfee Protects Devices From Supply Chain Security Attack
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