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In the arena of Information technology, virus is used by online criminals in order to access devices and data in a bid to getting monetary benefits whereas using antivirus software can protect your device and credentials against such activities. This illegal activity created the space for antivirus developers to defend device against virus therefore; oodles of antivirus are available rolled out by the prominent companies. McAfee Antivirus Activation is one of them which is enabled with cutting-edge features and is robust enough to protect devices against cybercriminals. However, to send virus samples to McAfee can be kept at arm’s length. Sometime, a few of the McAfee users find it hard to resolve issues regarding it, they can use this link and their problem can be fixed in no time. Let us find the reason to send virus samples to McAfee.

Malware Attack Leaves Its Characteristics On System

Many a time, it has been noticed that system has been infected by malware that happens due to the failure of virus scan. At this point, the behavior of the system gets changed, slowed down, crashed, and displayed unusual pop ups.

Malware Cannot Be Cleaned After Detecting

By and large, in order to delete malware we try to clean our system. But we receive message that you are either unable to delete the file or cannot fix it automatically.

Steps Taken By User Before Sending Files To McAfee Lab

  • To send virus samples to McAfee must be scanned by you, here are a few of the following ways to scan the files to detect viruses.
  • You must be well informed about both McAfee’s subscription and Window’s update.
  • You must examine its suspicious files which have been already quarantined.
  • To examine the suspicious files that might be known as threat can be scanned by using Virus Total scans. By using this virus total scans around 70 viruses can be scanned with ease.

Mode Of Sending Files To McAfee Lab

Despite making the above given efforts, you still think that sending files to McAfee is infected and then you can send a few more files to the McAfee following two methods which are provided below.

Method 1: To Overcome Of Getsusp Tool

In order to use GetSusp tool to check the send virus samples to McAfee which contains malware one has to follow a few of the steps.

  • GetSusp tool is available only on Windows.
  • First of all, you must access to the preferences which is enable with option of Submit results to McAfee. GetSusp sends suspicious files automatically to McAfee.
  • Make sure to add your email address so that you can be informed about its confirmation of your sent sample, after that click on “OK”.
  • Then, you will click on the “scan now” to run a scan. If any infected and suspicious files are sent to McAfee Labs but file should not larger than 10 MB
  • As soon as McAfee gets result that will be forwarded to you via your provided mail.
  • To send virus sample to McAfee is analyzed which is found to be legitimate, it becomes whitelisted. Make sure after sending virus sample to McAfee if you do not get any kind of respond, you can make contact to McAfee.Com/Activate team.

Method 2: To Send Virus Sample To McAfee Via Email

  • Only those files can be sent to McAfee lab via mail which must be smaller than 50 MB, and our email address is Make sure send file must be protected with strong password and should be ZIP file.
  • If your submitted file is larger than 50 MB, you can contact to McAfee technical support both relevant screenshot and the sample submission ID.

Bear in mind if submitted file is lesser than 50 MB, it needs to have utmost 30 files. To send virus samples to McAfee seems to be difficult for the users. By way of going through this article, this issue can be resolved with ease. If the McAfee users still find it tough, they can use the customer support to overcome it.

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Steps To Send Virus Samples To McAfee To Keep System Safe
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