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McAfee is known as flawless antivirus in this tech era due to its cutting-edge technology which provides invincible security to the products, but sometimes, it does overdo and detects or deletes legitimate files as malware by mistake. It happens due to the McAfee scanner which gets failed to identify infected files. Such kind of issue is faced by McAfee users every now and then. It creates a tough situation for its users to keep their files in their system and their work is suffered badly. Lastly, they have to send false positives to McAfee to be examined by the McAfee team. This post is enabled with all sorts of information that will guide to resolving this issue. Besides this, if you encounter any sort of technical issue with McAfee, you can use www.McAfee.Com/Activate support remotely in no time your tech issue will be resolved.

What Kind Of Items You Must Sent To McAfee

  • McAfee Web Advisor, sometimes, finds your website as harmful rather it is not.
  • McAfee sends a popup to your desktop if an IP address and Website have been blocked.
  • Once in a while, sometimes an issue is generated due to McAfee's secure home platform.

How To Send False Positives To McAfee

In order to send false positives to McAfee, users have to follow a set pattern which has been mentioned below. If your file is detected as malware by McAfee antivirus software. To collect the information of the product, you need to have know how of McAfee product and its version, in order to ease this issue, here is the product information.

Windows Which Is Used By You

  • To begin with, you must go to open the McAfee software.
  • Then click on the “my info “option. If you use older version of McAfee, you must click on the Account.
  • Lastly, click on the “account”.

Mac Used By You

  • Go to the status bar, and then click on the “McAfee M icon” that is located at the top of the screen.
  • After that you must select about (the product name), for instance, About McAfee LiveSafe.
  • If you encounter such kind of issue, you can send false positives to McAfee via email which is provided below.

Here is the name of the email address on which you must send your issue, and the content which must be included in it: you must attach your file. Product McAfee security center 16.0, engine: 3181.0, a small note of the issue like a file has been found as infected as malware but it is very important for my work to run.

As soon as your email is received by us, you will receive an automated confirmation via email which contains a sample submission ID after that we analyze the sample. During the investigation, if we find your file is legitimate which will be whitelisted by us. Your issue will be entertained by us as soon as possible, if you do not get a response within five business days, you can get tech support as well.

How To Prevent Files From Being Falsely Detected In Future
  • Make sure that your security software is kept up to date. Software that is out of date is less likely to accurately identify known threats, and is more likely to generate false positives.
  • I send false positives to McAfee via GetSusp and send an email to, have no response.

How Long Do I Wait

After sending an email to us, within two business days you will receive an email from us automatically. In case not get mail, you can send it to and add NOAUTO with it to the subject line. This email will be sent to our research team directly by bypassing our hierarchy. Our research will study your issue and get back to you as soon as possible. By mistake, we fail to reply within five business days, you can coordinate to our technical support and explain your issue to them or get more information regarding your problem.

Note: Zip Files

If you send false positives to McAfee via zip file, you must know a few of the facts about it, like:

  • You must use WinZip.
  • You must use windows files compression using Microsoft support site.
  • Zip file should not be larger than 50 MB if it is, you can contact to the tech support before sending it.

To send false positives to McAfee needs a proper way which users of McAfee must know about. By way of going through this article, you might have learnt how to send false positives to McAfee easily.  

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What To Do If I Want To Send False Positives To McAfee
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