Recover Deleted Files By McAfee

The main purpose of using antivirus software on our system is to protect our devices from viruses like malware, Trojan, spyware, and so on. It performs its duty in a perfect manner and keeps all sorts of threat at bay and creates a wall between online threats and our devices. But sometimes McAfee makes mistake and delete our important files from our system. Many of its users encounter this issue. In this situation, it creates urgency to recover lost files as early as possible. After that our main motto becomes to save our deleted files and recover our lost file at once. In order to recover deleted files, we have to follow the instructions in an organized way without making a trivial mistake which have been explained below that will guide us to overcome this serious glitch.

Method To Recover Deleted Files By McAfee Antivirus

In general, our McAfee security software does not need any kind of permission to delete our saved files in our system. As we find our saved files that have been deleted, we are not supposed to lose our patience rather go for easily available solutions to bring back our lost files. The first step that we are supposed to take is to click on the folder of recycle bin. But the probability of finding deleted file in recycle bin is very less. Once in a blue moon, deleted files are recovered from there.

To recover deleted files by McAfee is possible by using 3rd party recovery software “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”. The steps are given below to fix this issue in an easy manner.

Step 1: Select the drive where you lost your data. As soon as your data is deleted by antivirus, you must access to that drive where deleted file was saved. As a first step, you must select the drive.

Step 2: Scan the security software to find deleted files. You must click on “scan “option in order to create a tree-view of all the recoverable files. All the deleted files will be generated in the deleted files folders which were deleted by antivirus software. In case you are unable to find them in that folder, you can try to find in the lost files folder.

Step 3: Recover those files which were deleted by antivirus. Click on ’filter” option to get the files you want. After that it will ask you to click on ‘recover ‘to bring back lost files.

Restore Files Which Are Deleted By Antivirus From Quarantine

McAfee security software can quarantine your files in the security folder.

1. At first, you must click on “open” your McAfee antivirus product.

2. Take your cursor on the top right corner and there you will navigate to click.

3. It will ask you to click on either quarantined and trusted items or quarantined potentially unwanted programs.

4. Now, you can select the items individually or you can click on select all.

5. As last resort you must either select “restore” restore files from the quarantine or “delete” in order to delete the item from the list.

If files are deleted by antivirus, it raises our eyebrows and can make us upset. Because our important file has been deleted by security software, in this situation, the above given information will help you get back deleted files. Despite reading this article, you find it hard to overcome this issue then you can coordinate to the customer care of McAfee.Com/Activate, they will give you assistance remotely.

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Procedure To Recover Deleted Files By McAfee Antivirus
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