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McAfee software is here to provide security to your both devices and data against online criminals who are on their toes to get monetary benefits. McAfee is enabled with latest features. However, it has a few of the technical issues faced by its users, and one of the common issues is connecting problem with your McAfee software. In order to troubleshoot this issue, using ping software with McAfee security is one of the best software for users to overcome connectivity issue. If users come across any sorts of issue with regard to McAfee, contact McAfee Antivirus Activation team and they can get solution in easy way.

What Is Ping

Ping software is used for Windows, UNIX, macOS, and Linux computers to check the connectivity of the internet. In general, it helps to determine the communication among the systems and hosts. The main work of the ping is to send pieces of information from a local host, such as your system is called packets. With the help of using ping tool, packets can be sent to the remote hosts via the internet after that wait for its reply. Ensure that if you are connected in a right way, remote host will reply as quickly as possible with no packet lost in transit. On the other hand if ping does not get reply, it means there is a technical issue, and you are going to face a problem.

Why Do The Tech Savvy Use Ping

For the purpose of giving the security to the device by the McAfee Activate software you will have to connect your devices over the internet to download and install this software on it. In case your device is unable to connect to the McAfee server, you will be unable to download and update its program. If your software becomes out of date that increases the risk of malware and virus attack on your system. The right utility of the ping tool is done when McAfee software has issues with related to McAfee server. Such kind of issues can be resolved in two ways. If you are facing McAfee server issue which can be fixed in each way are given below.

Mode 1: Testing Ping By Website Name

The below given steps will help its users to connect between your device and the website. If you are unable to get command on your system, you must go through the related information section of this article.

  • At first, you will be advised to open command.
  • Type ping, and hit on enter.
  • Despite having good internet connection, you will get quick reply from In order to check the good response, we have a nice example: by seeing the output you can see four packets which were sent by ping and the same number of packets were received by ping, and none of the packet was lost. The good thing is this average reply was done within 24 milliseconds. Thus, we can get to know this output shows good connection with home.mcafee .com. if you are unable to get this required time, it means there is something wrong in typing the command, therefore you should type the command one more time. In spite of making this effort again, you don’t get required time, it gives clear indication about McAfee has an issue with the server.


This process can be executed if you know the IP address of the remote host, for instance the output shows the IP address of is that can done by using the following steps which are given below.

  • To begin with opening the command prompt.
  • Type this command ping and hit on enter.
  • In order to examine again type the same command which is given above, and get an expected result. It means everything is well between McAfee products and server.

This can be resolved if below given problems are faced by you.

  • “Request timed out error” issues.
  • Slow response times.
  • Packet lost.
  • “Ping by website name" fails, but “ping by IP address" succeeds.

Mode Of Accessing Ping On System

It depends on your system as well, as we know that the computer access ping slightly different ways. The below given steps will help you for Mac and Widow Users of McAfee software.

Steps For Windows 10, 8, 8.1

  • At first, you press the windows and x keys all together.
  • And the select the command prompt (admin).

Steps For Windows 7

  • The first step should be clicked on the “Orb” and type cmd.exe.
  • After that make righ-click command in the result window and then click on the “run” as administrator.

Steps For macOS

  • At first click on the “application” utilities, network utility.
  • And then click on “ping”.

Ping software with McAfee security products provides complete information about the internet connectivity to its users so they can monitor and sort out all the issues regarding it. However, if they find it any issue, they can coordinate to the experts remotely.   

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Utility Of Ping Software With McAfee Security Products
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