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McAfee is one of the best software in the world which has been leading due to its sophisticated technology can prevent your system or personal data from being compromised by cyber criminals. McAfee Firewall can check your incoming and outgoing data of your system. This post is dedicated to helping its users either configure McAfee Firewall to permit remote connection to your system or if peer to peer, software is not working after installing your McAfee product on your system.

In order to protect your computer from malicious activities, first install McAfee antivirus software using Redeem McAfee Retail Card in your system and this antivirus is enabled with Firewall which has default security levels to stop initiated connection remotely.

Make sure the default settings let your system access remote computers and other computers cannot access your computer because they disconnect their accessibility. By way of doing this act, you cannot use peer to peer file sharing apps that run via inbound internet connection.

There are many peers to peer products, and here are a few of them which are very popular in this tech era such as eMule, Vuze, uTorrent, and BitTorrent.

In case of having the desire to permit remote computers to connect to your system, it is not possible unless the firewall of your system does not permit specific incoming connections. Many more resources are available which restrict the data, a few of them are given below.

• Using Port( antivirus the software which has McAfee Firewall).

• Using settings in your router (the router which is inbuilt in it).

• Using ISP( Internet service provider).

Points To Remember

The router is in-built with default access that can let you access the maximum number of connections on your system.

With the help of a router connection, a good number of connections can access your computer remotely. But a few of them can be refused by a router in rare cases. It
happens due to Firewall and other applications. Such a problem can be resolved with reset your router and configure the router and allows the connection to your system. Here are a few steps that can help you to close and open port in McAfee Firewall.

First of all, the users must identify the ports of eMulel, and other products for peer-to-peer software.

How To Close A Port Of Emule

• At first, open “eMule” and then open “preferences”.

• And then you can go to the “preferences window” and click “connection”.  eMule is enabled with two ports which are displayed like TCP and UDP.

• Collect port information, after that, you can move to close eMule.

Learn How To Open The Ports In McAfee Firewall

• Now, open your McAfee antivirus.

• Reaching the setting gear icon to click which is situated in the top right.

• After that, click “Firewall”.

• Later on tap on “ports and system services”, now move to click “add”.

• Write in “eMule”, and “service name” fields. After writing the description of the app which the users do.

• You will have two options TCP or IP ports, and pick the TCP Data for eMule.

• You will access the local UDP ports, and type UDP for eMule.

• Now, open ports, and select ALL PCs which is available in the drop-down list.

• Now move to click on save, later on, restart your system.

• Now, you move to verify the apps properly. 

If you are a McAfee user, you need to know how to learn the open port in McAfee Firewall. So that, you can give access to more than one network to your system. If you want to get more information about it, you can visit the official website.

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How To Open Port In McAfee Firewall In A Few Minutes
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