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On account of e-commerce that is moving upwards on the graph table day by day, e-banking is spreading its wings in all the direction. In this scenario, e-commerce and e-banking are the main wheels of the world e-economy. Due to e-commerce, it brings the entire world on one platform and created equal opportunities for all. While being at any corner of the world, the buyer can access your products. In the same way, e-banking is a part of modern business, which makes transactions easy. However having all the virtues, there are many vices available in online transactions. Millions of people have been duped by cyber criminals so far moreover the number of duped persons is increasing by leaps and bounds. By seeing these numbers, McAfee is one the frontrunner antivirus, which is providing invincible security to your finance online and online identity from prying eyes, hackers, and so on.

Use McAfee Security Software

In this digital world, there is much security software but McAfee is one of them which is enabled with cutting-edge technology and proved to be far better than its competitors. It gives a mask to your online data as well as your personal identity. While seeing the growth of online threat, millions of the users start subscribing McAfee security software.

Use Strong And Unique Password

Password is a gateway of accessing your system remotely in order to get monitory benefits, if your password is decrypted, your system will be compromised. To protect your system or devices, you must adopt the method of creating a password.  Make sure you must not keep passwords in unprotected files that can be accessed by hackers easily. While you must use a password manager that will help you create a strong password and save it and you can use a strong password automatically.

Make The Best Use Of A VPN

VPN is one more defense line which protects your devices from being hacked by cyber criminals. VPN stands for the virtual private network which does not let your received and sent data decrypted; it is well protected from prying eyes. It can also protect your network system that you are connected to.

Importance Of Two-Factor Authentication

It provides an extra layer of security to your online transaction. In general, a combo of information is filled into the field like username and password. After that you are going to use the second layer of security like you will receive a message or OTP that you need to fill into the field. It is called two-factor authentication.

Be Cautious Of Phishing Scams

Now, there are many websites or links which are similar to the original. Sometimes it becomes very tough to identify for the users. In case of receiving any mail or links, and it asks you for providing your online credentials, before clicking on any attachment or links it. The first step you must take is to check the legitimacy of the website. If you find everything is authentic then you can click on it.

Be Cautious Of Phony Web Addresses

Oodles of websites are fake and illegitimate used by cyber criminals to access your system. Unless you investigate the website, you will not be advised to click on it because it could be a malware site. To identify fake websites, there are a few parameters to use so it will help you identify the fake website. You must use a browser advisor and it will help you search and surf safely. With the help of a browser advisor, you will be able to recognize suspected bad links too.

Keep Software Of Devices Updated

In this tech era, laptops, mobile phones, computers, cameras, tablets, and the internet of things (IoT) are blended with software that needs to be updated so that it can improve its functionality and upgrades the security of the device.  An automatic update is also available that you need to keep on.

In order to save online credentials as well as give protection, the above-given tips will help you a lot and will protect you from unpleasant situations. As we know, cyber criminals are sophisticated to trap innocent people if precautions are not taken with the utmost care, anyone can be prey. If you want to learn in the more effective way how to protect your system and online credentials, you can coordinate with your customer care of McAfee.Com/Activate which will help you around the clock.

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Tips For Keeping Your Online Identity And Security Intact
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