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McAfee is branded antivirus software that gives protection to our laptops, tablets, gadgets, and computers from viruses, spyware, malware, and many more. All these online threats can infect our gadgets badly, and our work will be suffered poorly. McAfee Antivirus Activation is enabled with many advanced features to prevent our devices from being invaded by online threats. Web control is unique feature of McAfee software that protects our system from unwanted folders and files which are insidious to our system.

McAfee endpoint web control is dedicated feature of McAfee that monitors surfing and browsing activity on browser without any obstruction, in addition to protecting your online activity, McAfee web control needs to be updated at regular intervals so that robust protection can be given to your system. By way of using McAfee web control, you do not need to have fear of computer to click on links, open emails surf the websites, download files, or any harmful online threats.

Without being much ado, let us investigate the features of McAfee web control which are mentioned below.

1. All the files are scanned by this software before downloading.

2. It checks all the URLs before opening.

3. It saves us from infected websites which is found in the search bar.

4. Web control tool is available in the tool bar.

5. By way of running this tool, we can go through the site report.

6. We can click on the safety button which is available on the search to get more information of the websites.

7. Web control on the browser can be clicked to accumulate more information about specific site.

In order to get the best of using web control, we will have to learn how to enable web control. Enabling web control on web-browsers is having different patterns:

Enabling McAfee Web Control On The Internet Explorer

1. Now, you can click “enable“.

2. In case of finding more than one plug-in is available, after that you can click “choose and add-ons” move to the web control toolbar to click “enable”. 

Enabling McAfee Web Control On Google Chrome

1. Tap on the “settings”. 

2. After that, click “the extensions“.

3. You can click “enable “to turn on endpoint security web control.

Enabling McAfee Web Control On Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to the Mozilla Firefox Start page, you will fine option of extensions to click; the plug-ins which are available in Firefox is called extensions.

 2. Now, you can select enable in order to activate web control. 

Steps To Resolve McAfee Web Control Is Not Responding

The best way is to resolve this issue, the users can log in to McAfee endpoint security web control service, and it can be done manually by using the service user interface. The following command will help you to perform this action.

1. Move to press Windows.

2. Then type services.msc.

3. Thereafter, click “ok” 

McAfee web control is not responding occurs due to many reasons and it can be overcome by way of performing the above given steps. However, the users are unable to fix this issue, they can make contact to the experts who can help them to resolve this issue.     

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How To Fix McAfee Web Control Is Not Responding Issue
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