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McAfee antivirus, the name of the leading brand provides security to your system as well as your personal identity in one of the most secured ways. It keeps removing all those barriers which leave negative impact on your system’s performance and becomes threat to your personal identity. The epicenter of this post is McAfee Web Boost that is downloaded from the official website of McAfee. McAfee Web Boost is a name of the software which is used to enhance the performance of web browsing by way of stopping irritating auto-playing videos that are available on websites. As you access to those websites, they start playing automatically, thus your data is spent unwillingly and the life of battery is affected badly. In this situation, you are left with one choice this is to stop auto-playing video.

Note:  Web boost is supportable for only chrome which is running on Microsoft both Windows 10 and 8. Therefore, the users of McAfee web boost must learn how install it. The following steps which are mentioned below will help you install it.

1. At first, you will start your system, and you click on the “McAfee icon” to open it.

2. Afterwards opening the McAfee icon, you are advised to click “PC Performance tab".

3. After that you will find option “speed up browsing”.

4. At below speed up browsing, you will find the option that reads “set up “ to click.

5. At last, you are supposed to pursue the on screen instructions to install the web boost.

6. As soon it is installed, you can find the icon of web boost which appears in corner of the top right of the chrome Window.

Process Of Stopping Playing Web Video Automatically

After installing the web boost, you can stop playing all those web videos on the websites which play automatically. You pause the video with web boost software; you can find a blue badge over the icon of web boost that also shows a number of videos have been paused on the webpage or browser tab.

As soon as you stop playing video, you will find a message to restart playback video. The following instructions will help you restart playback.

1. McAfee web boost pauses the video, you can click pause.

2. After that you can click on “play button “which is on the video.

Process Of Turning On Or Off Of McAfee Web Boost

The steps which have been mentioned below will teach you to turn on or turn off of McAfee web boost.

1. Visit chrome to click icon which is available in the top right corner.

2. The next step will ask you to click “stacked menu” icon which is available in the top right corner of McAfee web boost screen.

3. You will find the icon of “auto-play settings” to click.

4. As a last step, it will ask you to toggle ‘auto play settings “button to turn it on or off.

To Learn How To Check Web Boost Is Working

You visit the page of chrome and you will find the icon of web boost in the top right corner, the badge will be in a blue color along with the number which shows the numbers of videos have been paused by web boost. Thus, it shows web boost is working.

McAfee web boost enhances the performance of the web browser and stops playing video on websites automatically.  In this blog the entire information has been provided about it. However, you have any sort of doubt you can take technical virtual assistance by McAfee.Com/Activate experts that will sort out your issue in no minute. 

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Overview Of McAfee Web Boost And Its Functionality
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