McAfee Vs Webroot Comparison

McAfee and Webroot both have their own customer base and are well-known antivirus software in this tech era. Both are riddled with state-of-the-art technology so the users find it hard to pick the best one between McAfee and Webroot. In this post, you will see the differences between these two antiviruses. So that the users of antivirus can opt for the best one which can satisfies their needs. In this environment, devices and PC need to be protected by antivirus because one mistake provides hackers access to your system thus they can compromise your personal details as well as your system with ease. Here is an analysis of McAfee and Webroot that will help you decide the better one.

Step By Step Comparison Of McAfee Vs Webroot

Many things needed to be thought while making a comparison between two viruses that can help you decide which antivirus can help you in the utmost manner.

Pricing Of The Antivirus

In general, pricing is one of the most unique parts of buying antivirus which varies from product to product, in order to make things easier to understand it depends on the number of devices if you subscribe to antivirus for one device protection or multi-device protection, it will be cheaper, both McAfee and Webroot rolled out many plans a few of them are given below.

Webroot secure is dedicated to providing security only for one device (window or Mac) anywhere and it costs between $29.99 to $39.99 for one year. This antivirus is renowned to give protection to your system against spyware, malicious links and websites, and spyware. The best part of this antivirus is this it is light weighted and it does not affect the speed of your system. You will not deal with the speed issue while scanning is going on in the background of your system.

McAfee for one device costs between $54.99 to $59.99 that is under the plan of McAfee LiveSafe. It can be convenient for anyone devices like your computer, Mac, smart-phone, and tablet. It is good at scanning for malware, root kits, spyware, and viruses; the other good thing is to detect malicious websites and pop-ups. The McAfee total protection is another category of McAfee which costs $89.99 is convenient for PC, Mac, and smart devices. As its name indicates it is complete protection of your device including email protection, block malicious websites, monitors activity, parental control, and so on

Webroot is available for many devices as well; if you have a plan to protect three devices, the cost will be $59.99 and is compatible with all sorts of devices including smart-phones, computers, and Mac. Password encryption is a unique feature of this plan. For providing protection for five devices, the cost will be $79, while this program comes with a few advanced features such as automatic backup, cloud storage, privacy protection, and so on.

The McAfee Total Protection is supportable for 10 devices with the price of $100, and its specific features give protection against hacking, identity theft, and many more.

Technical Support For Customers

In terms of providing technical supports both antivirus leave no stone unturned like live chat, customer support, email, phone, and online resources. Social media is one of the best tools which provide customer support; its customer can send their issue and the customer support teams will respond as early as possible.

McAfee gives an edge over Webroot in terms of its customer support because it provides an additional thing which makes it very special, like live chat via a chatbot, and the virtual technician of McAfee will resolve your problem remotely.

The McAfee and The Webroot is both prominent antiviruses in this tech era as well as being dedicated to providing invincible security to systems and personal identity. If you need more sophisticated security then McAfee is going to be more robust than Webroot. If you need more information about McAfee or you have any issue regarding with it then get in touch with www.McAfee/Active experts to fix it and they are available round the clock for its users.

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McAfee Vs Webroot Comparison Differences You Must Know
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