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McAfee is enabled with many advanced features that can protect your device and online information from being compromised. In the present scenario, the use of technology is increasing in every sphere of life. But there are a few drawbacks which are utilized by cybercriminals who are on the search of finding novice tech users. In this situation, one of the most renowned features of McAfee is McAfee VPN that is strong enough to protect your online credentials and does not let them intrude on your device. 

What Is The Importance Of McAfee VPN(Safe Connect)

VPN is used in many purposes that can give you freedom to use this modern technology without having stress. A few of the importance are given below.

1. ISP cannot be tracked by hackers or online criminals.

2. The public Wi-Fi can be used by tech-users without meeting any bad experience.

3. It gives freedom to stream blocked content.

4. Anonymous downloading is possible.

5. You can access blocked website.

6. Your online habits are protected whether you are at home or on-the go.

7. Your IP address is secured and cannot be accessed by prying eyes.

Steps To Activate McAfee’s VPN

Activating VPN is possible if users follow these steps precisely.

1. Livesafe or total protection is the famous plan of McAfee which is enabled with VPN. For the purpose of using VPN, you must click on open any one of the two plans.

2. After opening livesafe, you can look at the center slide, and there you can find get started button. 

3. Click on get started to activate VPN, with the help of progress bar, you will come to know VPN is installing.

What To Do If McAfee VPN Is Already Activated And Installed

1. The setup button which is on the tile is removed.

2. Hit on the get started and open the McAfee VPN window.

How To Turn VPN On Or Off

Total protection and livesafe can be turned on and off without opening if it happens when VPN is installed.

1. You can click on the McAfee icon which is in the notification area. 

2. You can click either turn on VPN or turn off VPN. 

3. It is up to you to select VPN either connected or disconnected.

Mode Of Checking The Status Of McAfee VPN

At any time, the users of McAfee can check the status of McAfee VPN.

1. The first and foremost, it will ask you to open livesafe or total protection.

2. Now, click on my privacy option. After that you can find the status of the VPN on the left side of panel.

3. You will find the status of VPN is on if VPN is active.

4. If VPN is not installed, it means McAfee is turned off. 

How to activate VPN on McAfee is not difficult if you go through this article precisely. It has very easy steps which can be followed by the users in a few minutes. Despite reading this blog, you cannot resolve this issue, you can make contact to Activate McAfee Retail Card experts who will resolve your issue in a minute. 

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Easy Steps To Activate And Use McAfee VPN(Safe Connect)
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