McAfee Using 100% CPU and Memory

System security software like McAfee guarantees that your PC is free from any virus and malware programs, which consume your system resources. However, there are times that McAfee Antivirus itself could tax the memory of your computer, particularly if you are using numerous programs simultaneously.  There are times when you will see that McAfee Using 100% CPU and Memory, as a result you will face system slow down.

Controlling the quantity of memory allocated to McAfee Antivirus enables you to optimize the performance of your PC while keeping a sufficient amount of security. Your operating system does offer a means to configure the priority of every running application even though McAfee Antivirus does not enable you to change such settings.

Steps To Fix McAfee Using 100% CPU and Memory Problem

  • Hit Ctrl Alt Delete while McAfee is running. You can then click Task Manager to run the Task Manager window.
  • Click additional information in the base of the dialog window. Choose the tab facts.
  • Right-click scan32.exe from the listing of conducting operations. Choose Set concerns in the context menu. Click on the resolution you’d wish to assign to the McAfee scanner.
  • If you want to stop the system source usage of McAfee towards the bottom setting, you can choose reduced.
  • Click the Task Manager window to finalize the settings.

Practical Methods to Lessen Your McAfee Memory Usage

Check Task Manager

Track what is occupying your CPU usage. Remember that the program mcshield.exe is sometimes the related culprit to that. That important function scans your PC to see for threatening programs. However, it can often cripple PC by consuming the entire RAM.

Update McAfee Version

It would help if you made certain that you have the most updated version of McAfee Antivirus. It not only leaves you prone to new malware, worms, and viruses, but it can also suggest you are not running the most efficient version of the software. Are you currently a version behind? There’s no need to worry. You can check out the McAfee site for discounts on upgrading your current McAfee account.

Are you carrying software for the present year? Make sure you download the updates regularly from McAfee.Com/Activate webpage. Keep in mind that McAfee has launched patches in the past, which might have lessened memory usage.

Locate another program that interferes with McAfee

Other users have claimed that Google Desktop hogs a PC CPU when it tries to index McAfee and you will be in an impression that McAfee Using 100% CPU. To fix this problem, you can go into your Google Desktop settings. Eliminate McAfee from its indexing list of you think that might be slowing you down. Doing so could help keep memory hogs from collaborating to create a memory beast.

Keep free memory as much as possible

The key antivirus programs are those infamous memory hogs. Therefore, you need to keep as much as free memory as you could by closing out unnecessary programs and defragment the system. You might be able to stop experiencing the negative impacts when McAfee employs memory by keeping your RAM usage as less as possible. That’s because you will have enough to spare.

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How To Fix McAfee Using 100% CPU and Memory Issue Easily
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