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McAfee is a longtime brand in the realm of PC security. Nowadays, it provides three security products to the public: McAfee Total Protection, Live Safe, and Gamer Security. This post aims to highlight the major difference between McAfee Total Protection and Live Safe.  Many people are not aware of the real difference between McAfee Total Protection and Live Safe. Both of the antivirus software has the same in features, with Total Protection sold as a retail package while Live Safe is pre-installed on computers.

What is McAfee Total Protection?

This program provides more than just an antivirus scanner along with various tabs of practical features. It comes with a one-year subscription that is auto-renewed annually. It can locate malicious sites and even inform the user before they visit it. That feature stops users from visiting websites, which might impact their devices.

McAfee Total Protection is the premium antivirus program of McAfee, which provides nearly everything that Live Safe does and more. You see, it safeguards your vulnerable documents by encrypting them along with 128-bit encryption. You can then save them in a vault that is protected by a password. How awesome is that?

What is McAfee Live Safe?

McAfee Live Safe is another online security software. It is an identity theft protection, antivirus, and firewall at the same time that is compatible with all devices and operating systems. It provides 1GB cloud-based storage on McAfee.Com/Activate to back your files and data. It provides firewall protection, and it is another famous antivirus similar to Total Protection. A user can set a virus scan, do them manually, or prefer to scan the device in real-time. It also safeguards the systems from hackers by tracking threats on networks like bots, spyware, and rootkits.

McAfee Features


The major advantage of Total Protection is its email and web protection feature, as well as its antivirus scanner. On the other hand, Live Safe offers comprehensive security for your data and identity across your devices. What’s more, it features a Secure Cloud Storage that helps protect your cloud-based folders. Overall, there is no such big difference between McAfee Total Protection and Live Safe except for the Secure Cloud Storage. The best thing about Live Safe is that it features a Personal Locker, offering 1 GB of Secure Cloud Storage.

That alone enables you to keep your most sensitive and precious files and data in the Cloud. The best part is that it’s protected with biometric protection. Meanwhile, McAfee Total Protection isn’t behind either. This advanced security software protects your vulnerable files and documents by encrypting them with a 128-bit encryption. It then saves it in a password-protected vault. The rest of the features are nearly similar in both the antivirus programs.

Both online security software products are remarkable and award-winning, as well. Either one, you will have the same industry known features such as Mobile Security Silver Winner 2019, Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company 2019, and Best Cybersecurity Company 2018. Whether you choose McAfee Total Protection or Live Safe, you can guarantee that each of them is well made by the most sought-after security company in the world.

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Difference Between McAfee Total Protection and Live Safe
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