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McAfee antivirus is one of the most desirable software in this tech era that gives unfailing security to your system against cyber threats like malware, spyware, ransom ware and many more. It is packed full of several software and McAfee software install helper is one of them. This software works in two conditions. One, when the installation of antivirus gets failed which you will get to know by receiving message either error 12152 or error 0 or something went wrong. If its users change their plan, in this situation too, subscription expired related issues is generated. In order to fix these two issues, McAfee software install helper is one of the most convenient tools for the users.

In this post, all the information with respect to McAfee software install helper is explained so that the users can learn how to use this software to overcome installation or subscription issue. As soon as these issues are generated with your software, use this tool to resolve these issues. In order to run McAfee Software Install Helper, the users have to follow these steps which are explained below.

Note: McAfee Software Install Helper is suitable only for English language and works for Windows 8 and Windows 10. Apart from these two Windows and English language, the users should not run this tool.

Learn How To Download McAfee Software Install Helper

1. You visit the official website of McAfee to download the McAfee software install helper.

2. As soon as this tool is downloaded, you will be prompted to double-click the WSSInstallhelper.exefile to begin.

3. After that you will find a license agreement and privacy notice in terms of this software. You will find continue option to click to accept all these terms and conditions which are included in it.

4. Soon after, you will find two fields in which you will provide your registered email address as well as your password and then you will be prompted to click login. If you forget your password, on the below, you will find forget password option to click on it, after that you will be asked to follow the prompts to recover your password.

5. After accepting the privacy agreement, click start thereafter you need to follow the prompts.

6. In order to resolve this issue, your installed McAfee antivirus software needs to be uninstalled or reinstalled. This process may take more less 15 minutes to complete.

7. As this process is done, you will be prompted to restart your computer. You must sign into your Windows after the computer restarts and thereafter click “run” as soon as the dialogue appears to carry on the running tool.

8. After doing the installation of McAfee Software Install Helper, your problem is fixed.

The process which has been explained above to download the McAfee Software Install Helper tool is one-stop- solution. Despite putting this effort, the issue is not fixed so far, you can coordinate to the McAfee.Com Activate Card experts who can give you technical support remotely.

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How To Use McAfee Software Install Helper Tool On Windows
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