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Operating system should be updated on regular basis to make your system compatible to the latest technology, otherwise, your work productivity and communication will be suffered badly. When your system needs an update, your system starts displaying a few signs like running slowly or windows start corrupting and many more. All these issues can be resolved by updating your operating system. With the help of this article, you can learn to keep McAfee software for OS update your operating system on your computer.  

The first step that must be taken by the system owner before updating system software or restoring is to remove your McAfee security software. As you update and restore your system’s operating system, you must upgrade or reinstall your McAfee security product through McAfee Activate Card on your system.

Following Steps Will Help You Upgrade OS Or Run System Restore

If you want to uninstall your McAfee security product, you can use the standard Windows methods.

Windows: 10

• At first click “start “at the bottom of your computers ‘screen, and then you find a search bar to type programs.

• Now, click on “programs and features”.

• Make right-click “the McAfee program “which you want to   uninstall and then choose Uninstall / Change.

• Now move to select the relevant option and then click on” uninstall”.

• Now, you must take steps according to on screen instructions. 

Windows: 8

• At first, you click on the “the McAfee security software” tile. You must click on the empty area of the screen of your system if it is not listed, and then select “all apps”.

• Now, at the bottom of the screen you will find “uninstall”.

• You must follow the message which is onscreen.  

Windows: 7/Vista

• First of all, you must click “start”, now in the search bar type programs and features, Hit on enter.

• Make double-click  “programs and features”.

• Now, select the program  which you want to uninstall.

• Tap on “uninstall “and then you must follow the onscreen provided instructions.

Windows: XP

• Tap on “start” and then move to settings and control panel.

• make double click “add or remove programs”.

• now, choose the program which you want to uninstall it.

• Tap on “remove” and then you should follow the onscreen instructions. 

Steps To Download And Run MCPR (McAfee Consumer Product Removal)

In general, the new copy of MCPR must be downloaded by you before each use, always use the latest version of MCPR, so that it can be compatible with the McAfee Activate product.

The main purpose of MCPR cleans is to clean all the components which need to be reinstalled.

Make sure MCPR cleans are not designed up to 100% cleaning of components.

• The first step is dedicated to downloading the MCPR tool.

• Make double-click MCPR.exe.

• Now, you must go through all the security warnings carefully and tap “yes” and click on “continue” and run.

Now Go To The McAfee Software Removal Screen

• You tap on “next”.

• Now, tap on” agree” to embrace the EULA (End-user license agreement).

• Now move to the security validation screen.

• The first step is to type the characters in the same way which is displayed on the screen; the validation should be done attentively.

•Tap (next), by way of following this step; the accidental use of MCPR can be prevented.

As you have done the above steps, now you should think to plan operating system or restore. Now, you must go to install Microsoft window updates, as installer suggests you. 

 As you finish the upgrade and restore, you should reinstall McAfee security software.

• Visit the official websites of McAfee to sign into my account.

• Now, you will be asked to follow the onscreen instructions, after that you must restart your system.

The above given steps will help its users to prepare McAfee security products ready before McAfee software for OS update or restored. Despite going through this post, you find it hard to fix this issue; you can get support from experts remotely. 

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How To Keep McAfee Software For OS Update Or Restore
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