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Today when everything has been digitalized and the internet is the cornerstone of it. Whether it is a big or small business, you cannot away with the internet in today’s scenarios. If you are hell-bent on sticking with traditional methods then-future of your business is bleak in this competitive era. The Internet has a significant contribution to every facet of your business. From marketing to communication internet has a significant part to play. As a matter of fact, this magic wand namely internet has both pros and cons, apart from the pros; we have to keep cons in our mind while taking our business to the next level otherwise it can be targeted by the cybercriminals and they will not take much time to take down your business and leave you bankrupt. Taking the risk involved in using the internet to run your business especially the small scale business into consideration, McAfee has been an ideal tool to protect your business. With a view to protecting your business, you need to install the McAfee small business security software on our devices.

This post concerns with the security of the small business and helps its employees and administrator to install McAfee small business security to the devices. Being an administrator, you can subscribe McAfee Antivirus Activation for your business from the following websites.

  • (Windows and macOS devices).
  • (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices).

After subscribing security to your devices, you can send links to your users or employees so that they can install McAfee small business security software on their devices. Administrators can install McAfee small business security software in two ways either from the Google play store or iOS app store on the phone or tablet on their employees. Take note of that only administrator has right to log into McAfee my account and send installation links. The following tips will help administrators to sign into the McAfee account.

  • To begin with going to
  • And click on “login”.
  • Here are two steps to follow and either of the two can be followed.
  • For providing personal credentials, you can type your email address for your McAfee account.
  • Or you can provide your password for McAfee account.
  • After providing any one of the two, you can click on “log in”.

Steps To Be Followed By New McAfee User

  • At first click on “register now”.
  •  As you click on the register now, you will find a few of the fields to fill, like your first name, last name, email address,  and generate the strong password for your McAfee account. Ensure that one must generate long and unique password which cannot be accessed by hackers.
  • After providing personal credentials, it becomes mandatory to go through privacy policy, after that you can go for click on “I agree” button. 
  • The aforementioned steps will guide you to create your account and sign in as administrator, and the following steps are provided below install emails to your employees.

How To Download And Install McAfee Small Business

  • At first, select the McAfee small business package.
  • After that, you must select the device which you want to protect.
  • Here are two steps; any one of the two can be implemented.
  • To begin with selecting the McAfee small business security.
  • Select the kind of device that you wish to protect and then following one of the given.
  • In order to download application on your device, click on “download” but serial number or activation code must be noted down.
  •  Being an administrator, you want to download the security software; you can click on “send link”.

The upcoming steps must be implemented by you are given below.

  • You will be asked to type the email address of your employee to send an install links.
  • Click on “send”.
  • The same process is repeated if you want to send an install links to other employees.
  • After installing links on employees’ devices, you must run the McAfee software downloaded file, and then you will abide by the following instructions to install the product on your device.

Caution:  If you are on the verge of opening downloads folder, but must be vigilant in terms of software’s version. It should not contain any sorts of older version of McAfee installer. In case of containing older version of the file name and it can be renamed. If you have older copy in the download folder that can create Mac to create the wrong installer and stops the product from effectively activating.

As An Employee

Being administrator, you have authority to install the McAfee small business security and provide you a link to install to your PC, Mac or mobile device. Later on you will receive the email, here are the instructions. Now, you will be asked to welcome the email from McAfee security, and sent by administrator.

  • Write down the serial number or activation code.
  • Click on the device which you have like set up for PC, Set up for Mac, and download now.
  • In order to install the security product, one must follow the onscreen instructions.

In order to give protection to the small business, one must use the McAfee small business security software that can provide invincible security to your business. Once it is installing on your system, you can be left without penny anytime. Now, with the help of this article, you will be able to protect your computer easily.

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Steps To Install McAfee Small Business Security Software
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