McAfee Short URL Issue

To give security to the device and data is the primary concern for the device owners at current. If tech users ignore it, their account can be depleted by online criminals at any time and their device can be compromised as well. Therefore, McAfee antivirus is used by the people across the world to guard against online predators. Despite being enabled with latest features, the McAfee users encounter a few of the technical glitches. One of the main issues is that McAfee short URL issue which is no longer valid, and person cannot access its security product. This post concerns with this issue in particular. Apart from it, if McAfee users find some other issues with their antivirus and they need best technical help to fix it then they can contact www.McAfee/Active team by using this link.

Why Does McAfee Short URL Fail To Work

McAfee decided to shift short URL service to a new provider in October 2019. While short URL used to be created before the month of September 1, 2018, after that they start generating long URL. If you are facing McAfee short URL issue, you can click on short URL to download either a McAfee branded or McAfee power security product, which can be executed to resolve McAfee short URL issue by way of following the below given steps.

How To Resolve McAfee Short URL Issue

In order to do away with McAfee short URL issue, the McAfee users need to follow the below given steps. Being McAfee Activate Card users, you need to have McAfee account on thus you can generate short URL.

  • To begin with, move to the
  • During the next step, you must sign in with registered e-mail address and password.
  • After that, tap on “my account subscriptions”.
  • Then, tap on “add device”.
  • Choose “smartphone” and then tap on “sent link”.
  • You will find two options to click either android or iOS,  and the tap on “next”.
  • Again, you will have to options to select either text it or email it.
  • If you like to select text it, you get the new short URL via a SMS message.
  • In case using email it, you receive the new short URL in a mail message.
  • As soon as you choose how to send link, you must act congruence with opted way.
  • Enter a valid phone number, and tap on send text.
  • Enter your valid email address, and then tap on send email.
  • Now check the phone or email for getting the new short URL.

Using McAfee Powered Product Like D-Link

In order to generate McAfee Short URL Issue, you must follow the provided given steps.

Point Of Remember

These steps depend on McAfee products which are dedicated for especially for this purpose, like D-link defend.

  • To begin with, you must move to open McAfee-powered D-Link defend application.
  • After that hit one of the devices under the device fingerprinting menu.
  • Hit on install.
  • Soon after, download the send a download link dialog, hit on send.
  • You must select preferred method in order to get new short URL.

By way of applying the above-given points, one can resolve McAfee Short URL Issue with ease. The McAfee users are unable to use their purchased product which has short URL. By way of going through this article, one can access one’s McAfee product easily. However one faces difficulty to access one’s short URL can get support from experts via online.

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Solve McAfee Short URL Issue Which Is No Longer Valid
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