McAfee Pop Up Issue

McAfee is well-known as a protector which not only can save your data but also can keep eavesdroppers at a bay.  It can keep a Hawkeye on incoming or outgoing traffic of your device. On account of its integrated features, it has been one of the best options for tech-users. McAfee comes with cutting-edge technology, but still there are many issues which need to be dealt and resolved. McAfee Pop Up Issue is one of these issues and this creates great hindrance while working. This article will help and teach you how to disable pop ups.

What Are Pop Ups

Pop-ups are one of the parts of online marketing that carries messages and notifications and appears on the screen of your computers and other devices without getting your permission when you are busy on other application. It is like a notification and usually displays urgent messages that require immediate attention.

What is McAfee Pop Ups Issue

Usually, McAfee anti-virus software is purchased under plan which depends on duration and number of devices. If its subscription is about to end, McAfee anti-virus software will send pop ups on a regular basis and tries to remind you of its renewal that is on the verge of being expired, so pop ups carries message in the form of advertisement. It appears especially when you work on other apps; it creates obstacles when you are working and takes long time to exit. Till it is on the screen of your computer, you cannot continue your work. It becomes a great of cause of concern, and McAfee users want to get rid of pop ups. It is possible in several ways to stops McAfee Pop Up Issue from appearing on your monitors.

How to Remove or Disable Pop Ups

McAfee Pop Up Issue can be removed or disabled in multiple ways and this article can guide you to do away with pop-ups if your device has operating system.

METHOD 1:  This method is dedicated to disable these pop-ups from the web-browser that is available in your system. In order to disable McAfee Pop Up Issue from your internet explorer, the following steps can help you.

1. As a first step, open internet explorer.

2. Head to internet options.

3. Click on advanced tab which appears in the Internet Options screen.

4. Tab on the reset.

5. As you click on the reset option, dialog box will appear.

6. Select the “delete personal settings” options.

7. Tab on reset.

8. Now, go to restart your device to make sure that all the possible changes have done on your computer.

How To Disable McAfee Pop Ups From Google Chrome

The Following Easy Steps will Help You Resolve This Issue.

1. Head to Google chrome to open.

2. Tap on the menu icon.

3. The Google chrome main menu will be displayed.

4. Tap on more tools.

5. Tap on extensions.

6. Installed list of extensions in your device will appear.

7. In case any one of “Installed by enterprise policy” or “Installed by your administrator” are in operational mode then you need to disable these extensions.

8. One more time, open Google chrome menu.

9. Click on settings.

10. Hit on advanced.

11. Click “resetting options to their original defaults” options available on Advanced settings.

12. Hit on reset and restart your computer.

METHOD 2: In order to disable pop ups from task scheduler, these dedicated steps will help you to resolve this issue with ease.

1. At the bottom of the desktop screen, there is a start button available on the taskbar, you need to click it.  

2. Write task scheduler in windows search bar.

3. Tab on Task Scheduler Library.

4. Now, click on McAfee Logo for the purpose of deleting or making pop-ups disable.

METHOD 3: The third method to disable pop-ups is executing Zemana anti-malware on your device. This anti-malware can block pop-ups from appearing automatically on your device screen by timely filtering out the irrelevant pop-ups. You can download it from internet for free.

Appearing of McAfee Pop Up Issue on the device is really frustrating and troublesome while working, so to get rid of this issue one can go through this blog. Despite going through this post, if you find it hard, you can contact to the McAfee.Com/Activate experts they will give you assistance to resolve this issue. 

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How To Remove Or Disable McAfee Pop Up Issue With Ease
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