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McAfee antivirus is enabled with all advanced features and keeps adding new features to remain as a frontrunner. In this post, McAfee Personal Locker and McAfee Central are going to be on the list of outgoing technology, and the incoming technology will McAfee File Lock which is in limelight and creates many doubts in the mind of their customers. Therefore, taking customers queries into cognizance and all the possible questions have been sorted out meticulously. In general, it varies from plan to plan, and both products can affect its users.

In 2018, McAfee has announced its planning to its registered customers that the status of McAfee personal locker and McAfee central would be the End Of Life. The reason for making this announcement is, customer can take their data out of the personal locker, and pass the deadline which is 4 December. If you pass the deadline for once, it is impossible to recover your data from the personal locker. Now, instead of a personal locker, you can use McAfee File Lock for saving your data. The big issue is this McAfee Redeem Card technical team can teach you how to remove personal locker from your device, apart from this, no assistance is given to its customers, therefore, taking this technical glitch into mind, a few important questions have been given below.

Frequent Questions Asked By The Users:

What is McAfee Central

McAfee Central is a name of the service interface that permits you to access McAfee personal locker and it helps you manage other McAfee products.

What Is McAfee Personal Locker

McAfee personal locker is cloud-based cutting-edge storage solution in which data is kept which is connected to the internet and is operated with the biometric of the users. This kind of facility comes with only subscribers of McAfee LiveSafe.

What Is The New Feature Instead Of McAfee Personal Locker

McAfee File Lock is one of the most innovative features to save your data and file lock will be associated with Live Safe subscription.

Distinction Between Personal Locker And File Lock

Personal file lock is cloud-based solution and it means your data is safe with the internet. File lock is based in the app in which your files are kept in encrypted vault on your device and it has nothing to do with the internet.

How Much Do I Need To Pay Extra If I Want To Use File Lock

Nothing, file lock has been used in place of personal locker with the same subscription. It comes with same subscription for free. No additional amount is needed to be paid.

What If I Am Using McAfee Personal Locker

After passing the deadline which is given by the McAfee, you will be no longer able to use the data that is saved in personal locker. And the data which is kept for security purpose will be deleted automatically.

McAfee Personal Locker is an outgoing feature of this security software and McAfee File Lock is updated and sophisticated feature that gives you robust security of your data. All these questions come with solution that will help you understand this feature. If you have any query, you can ask the www.McAfee/Active experts there and here you will find solution of your issue.

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Complete Guide Of McAfee Personal Locker And Central
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