McAfee Online Backup Tool

The McAfee Online Backup Software allows you to pick any files to backup. You won’t find any restrictions on file size or type. You can replace which files are chosen throughout installation before the first backup begins. This makes the whole thing very easy and even a person with very less computer knowledge can do this. There is nothing to be worried about any kind of error or warning as if any file has not been backed up, it will try to do it again automatically.

Nearly everybody has suffered from the frustration of a computer crash. After all, nothing compares to the sinking feeling in your tummy when you realize that all of your videos, photos, documents, and other important files are gone. Most people still do not take the time to back up their important files on McAfee Online Backup despite the reality that many individuals have lived through a major crash. Why is that the case? There’s no good solution to that question.

Probably it is because humans are lazy. Perhaps we all take a “that would never happen to me” mentality or a “lightning never strikes the same place twice” behavior for those individuals who have experienced it before. The reality is that it is not challenging and complicated to back up your files to McAfee Online Backup. It only takes a few minutes every week. Are you one of those people who wish to know how you can do so from your McAfee Cloud? There’s no need to worry because this post got you covered!

McAfee Online Backup Utility

Steps To Use McAfee Online Backup

  • Download and install the tool from McAfee.Com/Activate web page.
  • On the Windows screen, click the McAfee Online Backup Settings file.
  • Enter your login information if prompted to do so.
  • Click the Restore tab.
  • Pick any of the following options:
  1. To choose particular files from any folder, drive, or backup set. Choose the data in the right pane when the correct folder is selected in the left panel.
  2. To browse in the folder. Click the backup, folder, or drive set from which to restore files.
  3. To search for folders and files. Type the characters in the Search Box. Click Search.
  • Pick one of the following options after you have picked all the necessary files and folders:
  1. Pick a particular folder where the chosen folder structure. Click Browse. Look for the destination folder. Make a new folder and hit OK. See the path of the folder where the files will be saved in Destination Folder.
  2. Save the chosen files into the original folder structure. Make sure the Destination Folder is blank.
  • Pick one of these choices:
  1. Overwrite the existing files. Does your PC have any of the chosen files already in the destination folder? You can overwrite them with versions from the cloud. That’s practical to remove current versions of files in versions of older versions.
  2. Rename copy if the original file is there. Does your PC have any of the chosen data in the destination folder? You can keep then as they are and add the restored files with (#) added to the file name.
  • Choose Restore Files.

The Status window will open in McAfee Online Backup application, highlighting the progress of the files being restored. It has been a pleasure to help you with this problem. Share this with some of your friends too!

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How To Use McAfee Online Backup Tool From The Cloud
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