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McAfee antivirus software is enabled with numerous features that take it many steps ahead than its competitors. McAfee MER tool is one of them, which stands for the Minimum Escalation Requirements is used for collecting data about your, hardware of your system, Installed Software, Network Information, Directory Listings, System Log Messages, and so on. If your system creates any issues, the McAfee Antivirus Activation support team can analyze and detect the issue using McAfee MER tool. Thus, all the technical issues related to your McAfee antivirus tool can be resolved easily.

The confidential data and the personal information are not collected by McAfee MER Tool. Here are a few steps that can help its users to collect information using McAfee MER tool.

Method To Resolve The Issue Using McAfee MER Tool

• At first, you can visit the internet explorer make sure McAfee MER tool is compatible only with Internet explorer.

•  Visit

•  After that you can click “download” and you can save the MER.exe file.

•  After saving the file, you can note the location of your download folder or Desktop on your system.

•  During the next step, you can make double-click MER.exe.

•  After that, you can click “accept the end user license agreement”.

•  Now , move to click “next”.

•  Now , click the “checkbox” which is situated next to consumer lite.

• Click on “start”, and gives time to this tool collect the data from your system regarding McAfee antivirus software. If MER tool finds any issue, you can save it in dialog box.

• After that you can save this file on the desktop. 

•  Now, you can upload to McAfee (https)? You will click “no”.

•  Move to click “close”.

•  The next process is to allow the tech support to collect the data which you have saved.

Example Of Data Which Is Collected By The MER Tool

• The Microsoft system information tool (Msinfo32.exe) is software which collects the information about the system including hardware of the system, installed software and drivers of the device. In order to run Msinfo32.exe, you can type it in command prompt.

•  If issue occurs in window system and its application, it can be detected from a command prompt by typing event viewer command in it.

•  Both registry keys which are used by McAfee and related to Window components, the work of your McAfee security software is this to run them correctly.

•  The configuration information between your system and the network.

•   In general, McAfee security software gathers a copy of logs which depends on daily use. In order to view the log files, you will be prompted to navigate the location which is given below. 

•  McAfee MER tool gathers data in plain text files, and as the next step, the text files are compressed into a single file which is known as a “tar zip” file. A few of the McAfee users want to preview the data that is collected by McAfee MER Tool, they can download an application and its name is .tgz files.  In order to preview the data gathered by McAfee MER Tool, many modes are available like free, trial, and paid utilities to select.

If you want to gather more information, you can conduct research on the internet in the name of these files like file format .tgz, TAR files, and compressed files.

By using the above method you can easily resolve your issue by yourself and fix it. For gathering information about system and McAfee security software which runs on your system, McAfee MER Tool is one of the best tools for the technical help which can resolve the software issue remotely.    

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Simple Process To Run McAfee MER Tool On Windows System
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