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McAfee security software is on driver’s seat in this digital world that comes with an advanced network tools. It offers unfailing security to your devices. The users of the McAfee felt privileged to be under the tutelage of this antivirus. The installation of McAfee is a piece of cake if you activate it through McAfee Retail Card Activation. However, a few of its users find it tough to install and receive the error message Due to JavaScript Error McAfee Not Installing. JavaScript is no longer compatible with your operating system and JavaScript becomes absent from your system. 

Causes Of McAfee Installation Gets Failed Due To JavaScript Error

One of the main reasons that can cause this error is installation of outsider programming that override JavaScript or damage its file. JavaScript is a name of programming language, if it stops supporting the operating system then this error is bound to be caused. As this error appears, it becomes next to impossible to access site pages. Furthermore, your internet might not be connected with working system.

Requirement Of JavaScript In McAfee

There is an apprehension with the name of the JavaScript and Java in the mind of the users. Java and JavaScript are modifying dialects but both are having specific purposes. Java is used for application advancement on the other hand JavaScript code is run on a browser only and is involved in web development. It can make a site page progressively sharp, and easy to understand.

As soon as the JavaScript gets disappeared from the working system, the behavior of the webpage gets changed, without any difficulty you will be able to guess the difference in web pages. Because of the similar name it is quite possible that you may have downloaded java interfering with the JavaScript blunder.

Fixing Glitch: McAfee Not Installing Due To Java Script Error

Method 1:  This method can be executed manfully to run preinstall tool on your devices. Therefore, the steps which are going to help you are given below in the easiest way.

1. Form the internet; you can download the preinstall tool.

2. The next step is to save exe file on your desktop or anywhere on your computer, and there you can easily access this file.

3. If you want to run this file on your device, it will ask you to make a double click on the “exe file”.

4. Before clicking on the “finish”, you must follow the given onscreen information.

5.  As preinstall, tool is installed on your system, click on “OK”.

6.  Now, tap on the “close”.

7. Being the last step, it will advise you restart your computer.

Method 2:  If the client-side of JavaScript is not coded in the right manner, it can be repaired. Therefore, this method is applied.

1. First of all, you must find the start button which is available on the bottom of the monitor that clicks on the “start” button.

2. Now, it turns to find a search box that is available at the bottom of the desktop.

3. In the search box, you must type cmd.

4. Make right-click command in the Search results, and then tap on the “open as administrator”.

5. Move to the command prompt window and there you must type commands step by step, after giving each command, don’t forget to press the enter button.

regsvr32 jscript.dll

regsvr32 vbscript.dll

regsvr32 scrrun.dll

After applying the above-given commands, either you will receive successful or failure results.

Unfortunately, if you encounter unsuccessful results, you can coordinate to McAfee team to get technical assistance.

Java script tool enables JavaScript on your system, all that you need to do is to install McAfee once more and check if the blunder McAfee not installing due to JavaScript is removed. McAfee antivirus software must be downloaded carefully. With the help of this article, you can overcome this error. If still it is confusing, you can make a contact to www.McAfee/Active experts who are ready to give you support round the clock. 

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How To Fix McAfee Not Installing Due to JavaScript Error
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