McAfee Icon Is Missing On Windows

To provide protection to the devices has been one of the most essential steps for its owners against threat actors who are on their toes and do not want to miss any opportunity. The primary aim of cybercriminals to access the data of the windows to get monetary benefits using malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. In order to save the data of the windows or other devices, McAfee emerged as one of the most prominent antiviruses is enabled with the latest technology that can close the doors and prevents devices against online criminals’ invasion. It is a fact everything has pros and cons similarly McAfee has a few of the cons which have been found recently, one of the main flaws that came into the limelight is that the McAfee icon is missing on windows desktop. For the purpose of overcoming this issue, this article is dotted with complete information that will help its users to resolve it with ease.

After installing McAfee software through McAfee retail card on your Windows desktop, most of its users are unable to find the McAfee icon on the windows desktop. Many a time, it has been noticed that after downloading McAfee antivirus on windows desktop, the McAfee icon is not placed on the desktop. The reason for the missing icon on the desktop is that it might have been deleted by mistake or has not been placed on desktop.

McAfee icon is missing on windows desktop can be retrieved by way of following a few of the dedicated steps which are provided below that can be executed without getting the help of any technicians, rather can be done manually. Manually setup to retrieve “McAfee icon is missing on windows desktop”.

Steps Are Given Below That Can Be Execute Manually.

  • To begin with opening the start menu to find McAfee icon, suppose you do not find it.
  • Tap on “All Apps” and browse through the list.
  • As you find it in the list, you can either drag it from the start menu to desktop or create a shortcut.
  • Now, McAfee icon is placed on Windows desktop and to double-click on it subsequently confirm that is works.
  • However, problem has not been resolved so far, the following steps need to be performed by McAfee users.
  • Click on installed McAfee on Windows computer.
  • To start with opening the start menu and then open control panel and then program and features.
  • After that click on start and in the search box type programs and features, and then tap on click on go.
  • Now, the McAfee that is installed in program list on desktop to confirm and to verify.
  • If McAfee is not installed on your desktop, at first download it from the official website of McAfee and then installed it.
  • If McAfee is already installed.
  • To begin with opening Windows explorer and search to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMcAfeePlatform.
  • Thereafter, right click on “McUICnt.exe” and then tap on create short cut.
  • Windows needs permission do you want to create a short cut so click on “yes”.
  • Lastly click on “McAfee icon” on window desktop to confirm that it works.

With the help of this post, one can resolve the issue of the McAfee icon is missing on windows desktop with ease. However, something is there which you cannot understand; you can take help from experts who can assist you round the clock. 

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What To Do If McAfee Icon Is Missing On Windows Desktop
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