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In this digital world, the market is flooded with security software, but McAfee is one of the most advanced one. In this scenario, in general, people turn out to be tech-addicted and spend around 10 hours in a day with devices. These devices also need security like our homes needs locks, cameras, and other things. In the same way, these devices also need passwords, firewalls, VPN, shredding, protection from viruses like malware, spyware, ransomware, and many more. In this post, the users of McAfee are going to learn how to resolve the issue if the McAfee firewall turns on, and they are unable to access the internet. It becomes so annoying if one cannot access the internet. The causes and the solutions are given below.

The Issue Faced By McAfee’s Users If The Firewall Turns On

If the firewall of McAfee is on, this issue is faced by its users very often. In this situation, your web browser becomes helpless to connect to any websites. If it happens to you, you will face one message, “we cannot reach this page”. The same message varies from browser to browser.

Such kind of issue happens with McAfee security for windows 16.0.19 on sorts of all versions of windows, and the following web browsers are given below.

1. Google Chrome.

2. Mozilla Firefox.

3. Microsoft Edge.

4. Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Causes Behind Blocking of Internet

If you are unable to access the internet, there are a few causes which must be investigated by the users and some are explained below.

1. If two antiviruses are installed on your PC at the same time, this leads to conflicting stage and results into this error.

2. If you have an older version of McAfee, and want to upgrade it, it may develop this error.

This issue can be resolved in many ways and one of the most important ones is to disable McAfee firewall if this step becomes unsuccessful, you can skip it and try the second step. If it cannot resolve this issue, you can use another one.

Step1: Disable Net Guard of McAfee Antivirus Security Software

1. At first, you must open your McAfee security software.

2. Now, click on the PC security, move to the upper right corner and click on the settings cog.

3. Click on “Firewall”.

4. Click on “Net Guard”.

5. It will ask you to deselect the “turn on the net guard option”.

6. Finally, click on “back”.

Cautions: As soon as the net guard is disabled, you must access the internet. Moreover, you can visit prominent sites like or But keep one thing in your mind, your system is not secured against online threats which may come in many ways. As soon as this issue is resolved, you must re-enable Net Guard by way of following these steps.

1. The first step which you must take is to open McAfee security software.

2. Now, click on “PC security”.

3. And it will ask you to click on the settings cog which is available in the upper right corner.

4. Now, click on Firewall.

5. Thereafter, click “Net Guard”.

6. You will be prompted to select the turn-on “Net Guard” option.

7. Lastly, Click on “back”.

Step2: Disable The Firewall of McAfee Security Software

1. At first, it will ask you open McAfee security software.

2. Now, tap on “PC Security “and move to the upper right corner you will find “settings cog” to click.

3. Tab on “Firewall”.

4. As you click on “turn off” there will be a red bar at the top of the security product that shows that your system is at risk.


1. As soon as your Firewall is turned off, you must access to the internet and a few websites like But one thing must be in your mind your system is very close to online threats because it is not protected by security software. As soon as this issue is resolved, you must re-enable Firewall.

2. Now for turning the Firewall on, you need to open McAfee Security Software.

3. Then, click” PC Security” and there is a setting cog in the upper right corner to click.

4. Click on “Firewall”.

5. Lastly, click”turn on”.

Unable to access the internet if the firewall is turned on is a serious issue that is encountered by the users. If you go through this article, this issue can be resolved in a couple of minutes. However, if you find yourself in a fix to solve this issue then you can coordinate with the McAfee Activate experts who can give you technical support remotely.

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Unable To Access Internet When McAfee Firewall Is Turned ON
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