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McAfee antivirus is described as accomplished antivirus due to its integrated technology that guards against online threats. This antivirus protects computers against those who want to gain access on your system stealthily. However, a few of the bugs display on your system, McAfee error code 404 is one of them that is encountered by McAfee users once in a while. Computer is very vulnerable device which can be accessed by online criminals with ease. With the help of McAfee.Com/Activate it scans the web history and monitors the status of the firewall as well. In this tutorial, McAfee users find the causes and solution of resolving bug 404.

Why Does McAfee Error Code 404 Occur

The occurrence of McAfee error code 404 happens when the users cannot log on to the ePolicy orchestrator console.

McAfee error code 404 occurs due to below given causes:

• If the McAfee security software installation is not finished completely.

• Windows registries are corrupted.

• If your Windows system is invaded by malware or virus.

• In case of deleting the files or programs which are related with McAfee software mistakenly.

• If downloading process of McAfee software is corrupted.

Symptoms Of McAfee Error Code 404

It has numerous symptoms which let its users to know about this error, and a few of the prominent symptoms are given below.

• This error can be found on the screen of the system.

• The input which is provided to Windows by keyboard and mouse responds sluggishly.

• Device starts freezing for a few seconds at a time.

• While running the same program, the device gets crashed frequently.

• This error can crash the active program Windows with ease.

Method Of Fixing McAfee Error Code 404

In order to fix this issue, there are many causes have been noticed which are responsible for it, all those reasons can be fixed by McAfee Activate experts in no time. If one method cannot resolve McAfee error code 404, you can go for another, and a few of common methods are mentioned below.

Method 1: Close All The Conflicting Programs

McAfee error code 404 is a run time error which happens due to simultaneous running of two conflicting programs. In order to resolve this issue, the users have to close these conflicting programs.

• In order to find the list of running programs on your system, you must open task manager with the help of clicking Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously.

• After that, you can check the program one by one, and highlight them, after that click “end process” button.

• In case of recurrence of this type of error, you will have to stop a process.

• As soon as you identify the program which causes this error, you will move to the next troubleshooting step.

Method 2: Run Disk Clean

• It has been noticed many times due to lack of space available on your computer. Thus, this error can be resulted.

• Backup files need to be deleted for the purpose of freeing up space on the hard drive.

• Therefore, you must clear cache and then reboot your computer.

• Running disk cleanup is an essential step for which you need to open explorer Windows and right click on the main directory.

• After that, you can click “properties” and then click “disk cleanup”.

Method 3: Users Must Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the graphic drivers are not compatible with your system, it may result this error. Therefore, the users must reinstall graphics driver. The processes of installing graphic drivers are given below.

• At first, you will be asked to open your device manager, and then locate the graphic driver.

• Now , right click “video card driver" and then click “uninstall”.

• Finally, restart your computer.

Method 4: System File Checker

System file checker is a unique tool that help its users to resolve McAfee error code 404, in reference to fix this issue, the following steps will help. File checker is compatible for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

• With the intention to resolve this issue, you must go to start button to click.

• Move to the search box, and type “command”, and you must avoid do not hit enter so far.

• While holding CTRL-Shift together on your keyboard, and then hit enter.

• You will be advised to give permission a dialog box.

• Now, click “yes”.

• As soon as you click on yes, you will find a black box with a blinking pointer.

• After type “sfc/scannow” thereafter hit “enter”.

• Now, file checker will work as scanner for error 404 as well as other issues. Make sure this process may take few minutes to perform.

• Now, you must follow the onscreen instructions. 

This tutorial can help the McAfee users to resolve error 404 easily. Despite going through this post, the users find it hard to resolve this issue; they can coordinate to the experts.

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How To Troubleshoot McAfee Error Code 404 By Yourself
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