McAfee antivirus has been one of the best options for its users due to its leading-edge technology. But, some of the technical error codes of McAfee cannot be ignored, and one of the most prominent error codes is 10054 that keeps appearing and makes its users upset and annoying, moreover, this error does not let them do their work. In general, McAfee Error Code 10054 occurs during enabling McAfee Antivirus Activation or scanning the firewall or gateway. The main cause behind the occurrence of this glitch is the use of different account on run MacAfee antivirus instead of system account on the affected system.

Key Symptoms of McAfee Error Code 10054

There are many symptoms that can help users to identify this error with ease, and some of them are given below.

  • The active program window can be a victim of this error.
  • At the time of the running program, this error appears and crashes the window of your system.
  • Window reacts slowly to mouse and keyboard input.
  • Computer or laptop starts behaving in a strange way with freezing of device every now and then.

Main Causes Behind McAfee Error Code 10054

  • Incomplete installation and corrupt download of McAfee antivirus can lead to error code 10054.
  • Unintentionally, McAfee antivirus files are deleted by another program.
  • Malware or virus can damage the window system files as well as McAfee antivirus files.
  • McAfee Error Code 10054 is also known as a runtime error, there are numerous reasons that can create this error so it is mandatory to identify all causes to troubleshoot them before they can harm your system badly.     

Steps to Fix McAfee Error Code 10054

In order to repair this error, users need to follow each step carefully, so that this issue can be removed in one attempt. Steps on how to repair McAfee error code 10054 are given below:

  • Delete written entries with regard to error 10054.
  • With the help of antivirus software, your computer and other devices must be virus free.
  • Use Disk Cleanup to remove junk files and folders.  
  • Update the device drivers of your computer.
  • Undo system change by using Windows system restore.
  • In order to get rid of this error, users need to install and uninstall McAfee antivirus program.
  • It is very important to run the window system file checker (sfc/scannow).
  • Windows need to be updated.
  • Execute a clean installation of windows.    

This article is dedicated and equipped with all the information to get rid of this issue with ease. If you struggle to Fix McAfee Error Code 10054, after reading this article, you can feel free to reach out to McAfee Activate team to resolve your issue.

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How to Fix McAfee Error Code 10054 by Yourself Easily
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