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The comprehensive cybersecurity provided by McAfee takes one step ahead of its contemporary competitors because it has been designed for both personal and commercial purpose. The main purpose of designing this security software is to detect, protect, and correct security threats. It works as a monitor to keep an eye on your vulnerable system; moreover, it scans the web history and checks the status of firewall as well. However, McAfee.Com/Activate software persists a few errors, and one of the most common errors occurs is to McAfee debug error message. Without further ado, let’s figure out in details.

What is McAfee Debug Error Message

In order to resolve McAfee debug error message, the technical support access to debug level log file which provides more log entries and activities about all McAfee Antivirus Activation software and at the time of troubleshooting error, it provides all required information to troubleshoot the error like update failures, communication failure, and policy management issues. If there is an issue with McAfee tray icon, the technical experts can approach to McTray, and it can also helps its users to resolve the issue of upgrading and uninstalling of this agent. If you are window user, registry setting can control McAfee agent log level. In case of having technical issue related to debug level log, this error is bound to be generated in your system. After finding the causes of this error, let’s move to find out the solution of this error instantly, so your work will not be suffered for longer period.

Step To Enable Debug Logging

With a view to resolving McAfee debug error message, it becomes necessary to enable debug logging on both server and user so that you will have required information to troubleshoot error. Thus, you will be able to resolve user and server issues. 

Steps To Enable McAfee Agent Log Level (Debug)

  • At first, it is advisable to log on to the ePO console.
  • Thereafter click “menu”, Policy, Policy catalog. 
  • After you will be in the product drop-down list, and from there you will select “McAfee agent”.
  • Now, you can click on “policy” which you intend to change.
  • During the next step, you will click “logging tab”.
  • Thereafter, select “enable” option for getting logging details.
  • In case of having required changing the “Logfile size limit (MB)” otherwise, you can rollover count option.
  • Thereafter, you can click on “save” button.

Steps To Set The McScript To Debug Log Level

  • The first step will be there to take is to press Windows+ R.
  • After that move to the run box and type Regedit and then press enter.
  • You will be asked to search the following key.
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Network AssociatesTVD Shared Components Framework.
  • You will make right-click “framework” and then select “new” DWORD 32bit Value.
  • After that, you will find name field and to type “dwDebugScript”.
  • Soon you will make right-click dwDebugScript and select “Modify”.
  • As you find value data field , and you will type 2, thereafter click on “ok”.
  • In order to confirm the enable the debug to click on “x”.

After enabling debug logging, it is high time to resolve McAfee debug error message, therefore here a few steps which have been mentioned below.

How To Fix McAfee Debug Error Message

MQM stands for (McAfee Quarantine Manager), and this feature helps to overcome McAfee debug error message to its users therefore learn how to enable MQM.

Enable MQM To Debug Logging

  • By using the super admin account, you can log on to MQM.
  • Thereafter, you select “setting and diagnostics” thereafter diagnostics.
  • You will be prompted to select “debug tracing “thereafter set it to high.
  • Permit logging to be done. 

Log On To MQM Using Super Admin Account

  • Select Setting and Diagnostics, and then Diagnostics.
  • Select Debug tracing, and set it to High.
  • Allow logging to take place.
  • Now, do the action one more time that caused on your system to behave suddenly.
  • Find the debugging output files listed below, which are created in the installation folder of MQM.
  • As a last resort, you can open the service request and submit these files.

Step To Disable Debug Logging

  • For the purpose of logging on to MQM, you are advised to use the super admin account.
  •  And then, select “settings and diagnostics” after that diagnostics.
  • Now, select debug tracing, after that you are required to setting to none.
  • Click on the “applies changes”.

The core purpose of publishing this post is to fix McAfee debug error message faces that can prevent your work on your system to do. Despite going through this post, if you find it hard to fix this error, you can coordinate to the experts who can assist you to resolve this issue.  

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