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Linux is one of the most eminent open operating systems which is used on most of the devices, and lies underneath other software on your computer. Linux is always under threat of virus attack that can steal data from your system. In this situation, it needs protection which can be given by antivirus. there are many antivirus software available in the market but one of the leading antivirus is McAfee software which is enabled with numerous features such as real time antivirus protection, that can provide security to the Linux, but it needs a few of the steps to follow. McAfee Antivirus for Linux can be stopped and started whenever Linux users want. Once in a blue moon, McAfee users encounter a McAfee Redeem Card related issue and unable to resolve it in that case users can contact experts who can resolve their issue in no time.

Stopping McAfee Antivirus for Linux on your system it means you are going to leave your system unprotected. It is never recommended you but due to some causes if you intend to do so, you will have to follow a few of the given steps.

Stop McAfee Antivirus For Linux

  • To begin with, you will be asked to click on “application”.
  • Soon after, you will move on selecting “accessories”.
  •  After that , you will select the “accessories”.
  • Lastly, you need to type the command “killall-9 netsafety” and then press the “enter”.
  • By way of following the above-given steps will help you stop McAfee Antivirus for Linux.

Start McAfee Antivirus for Linux

In order to provide invincible security to Linux against virus, the Linux users are supposed to use McAfee Activate antivirus that can protect it securely or it can be used if your Linux stops responding McAfee antivirus, at this point you can start it by way of following a few steps, the users will be able to start it again.

  • At first, you will click on the “applications”.
  • And then move on selecting “accessories”.
  • Subsequently, select the “terminal”.
  • Now you can type the command “opt/mcafee/netsafety/base/bin/run_ui” and then press the “enter”.
  • After that, McAfee start giving protection to your Linux.

Most of the users find it hard to get to know about McAfee running on Linux or not.  Taking this issue into consideration, here are a few of the steps that will let you know about it.

Examine The Status Of The On-Screen Scan

  • Being root user, you will be asked to log on to your Linux system.
  • Thereafter, you will be advised to alter the directory to the bin folder of your software.
  • Soon after, you will secure the information about the on-access scan task configuration.
  • Move to the command results, and examine the value for the on-access scan which is enabled or disabled.
  • All these steps will let you know about the existence of the McAfee on your Linux.

McAfee Antivirus for Linux is necessary to prevent it from being attacked by antivirus like Malware, ransomware , spyware, and so on. For the users to get know about McAfee to start and stop on Linux does not seem to be difficult work.          

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Steps To Restart And Stop McAfee Antivirus For Linux
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