McAfee LiveSafe Complete Review

The McAfee LiveSafe is among the most trusted antivirus programs in the industry today. Well, do you want to know if this LiveSafe product is perfect for your needs? Then, this review is for you. The following are some of its features, advantages, and disadvantages that will help you decide if it is the right one for you.

McAfee LiveSafe Features

The McAfee LiveSafe is the best antivirus program for Android and Windows devices. It can offer you excellent protection and password manager.It can keep your computer safe and secured from any malware. The McAfee LiveSafe can be your efficient antivirus software. It provides identity protection, optimum online security, as well as secure cloud storage. It can offer unlimited device protection, instant download from McAfee.Com/Activate as well as multi-platform compatibility. The program also comes with personal firewall protection which is a popular anti-virus protection. You can also have the chance to schedule virus scans or start it manually.

McAfee LiveSafe


  • It has a more advanced password manager.
  • The product can offer protection from unknown and known malware and user-focused threats.
  • Parental controls that can set the time when your kids spend online, it can also manage the sites that they visit.
  • It comes with secure cloud storage that allows you to access your files with safe online vaults.
  • It features a password manager that can store your passwords in a single secure dashboard.
  • It will offer you a high level of online security.
  • This program can shield your Wi-Fi and your devices against malware, threats, and viruses.
  • It can also cover your devices and lock and encrypt the documents with a secure and safe digital vault.
  • You can have unlimited licenses .
  • It has performance optimization that can block auto-play videos and reduce the use of bandwidth.
  • It is an award-winning antivirus that has a cloud-based threat analysis that can protect your computer from ransomware, Trojans and other viruses that can harm the performance of your device.
  • It also provides you with tools for protection against identity theft.
  • It can also scan phishing schemes and block pop-up messages and malicious emails.
  • It comes with a secure file shredder, as you drop and drag the files, the software will delete it permanently from your computer.


  • One drawback of the McAfee LiveSafe is that it has limited protection for iOS since it only has an anti-theft feature.
  • Its parental control is not as great compared to other programs.
  • Another disadvantage of this antivirus software is that its personal locker is not compatible with iOS 11 or macOS.


If you want a reliable antivirus software that can protect your computer from malicious threats and malware, opting for McAfee LiveSafe is the best solution. It has many awesome features that can give you satisfaction and happiness when it comes to your antivirus software needs. Don’t worry because purchasing this antivirus can offer you a great return for your investment.

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McAfee LiveSafe Complete Review with Pros and Cons
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