The internet has been the need of everyone because most of our activities are directly or indirectly depends on it. Somehow the internet frequency drops for a few of the hours in a day, our life gets crippled, and we become helpless completely. To get the best of the internet, we have to use surface web www (World Wide Web) which is made up of the most popular websites, videos, online platforms like FaceBook, Youtube, Disney Plus, Wikipedia, HBO, Netflix, Etc. all the most sought-after platforms are indexed by traditional search engines that can be accessed by its users effortlessly. As we think about www from techie’s point of view, many things remain unexplored about which common users do not know for instance dark web or deep web. This post concerns the dark and deep web so that the users will be aware of its merits and demerits.

With an aim to accessing dark and deep web, authentication is required. Whereas accessing dark web’s information is very difficult work for the users, this is because strong encryption is used to make the access harder. The core purpose of using dark web is that it provides access to the online criminals to obtain data, including password, personal credentials, etc. by delving deep into this post, the users can learn in depth about Word Wide Web.

What Is Deep Web

As we know that under deep web, many legitimate activities occurs like banking, transferring data, webmail, and so on. Many other types of activities are done but it requires authentication to carry out in the deep web. The following activities are.

  • The accessing of medical records and private forums.
  • The Reaching educational records.
  • And many more.
  • The traditional search engine is made up of content which is not available in it. The accessibility of deep content is only possible via URL or IP address.

What Is Dark Web

As we know that the accessing the dark web is not possible by the normal web browsers. On the contrary, it is can be accessed by specific browsers or networks. The anonymous nature of the dark web is known for illegal activities. By way of using the dark web, many important things can be stolen, like credit card numbers, social security numbers, user names, passwords, user ID, and so on, and all this information can be sold to the dark web market with an aim to getting money.

In order to protect your personal credential against those people who collect information from the dark web is possible if it is protected robust antivirus like McAfee Activate software.  

Getting To Know About Data Which Is In Dark Web

If your personal information is traded to the dark web, it becomes difficult to get to know yourself. Getting to know about your personal data which is present in the dark web, you have to use the McAfee software which is enabled with this technology that can keep dark web at bay. Here are a few of the steps which will guide to access your information into dark web.

  • First and foremost, move to the McAfee security download page.
  • And then download and install or run this McAfee security software application.
  • If you are new customer of McAfee, you should complete the registration procedure of this software. Otherwise you can ignore it.
  • Now, you can submit your email address which you wish to monitor.
  • After that, you can view the results. 

In case finding your information in the dark web, you must take quick action and change your password, thus you can retrieve your compromised account as early as possible. 

Defend your Personal Information With VPN

With a view to disguising your identity, you must use VPN (private personal network), and it can save you from using public network while doing online transaction. Thus, you can be stress-free in terms of your personal information which are easy to be hacked by someone.

If your personal credentials are available in the dark web, your account can be compromised any time. By way of going through this article, the users will be able to save their identity from dark web with ease. If you have any sorts of difficulty to resolve this issue, you can contact to the experts to assistance remotely.    

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