Google Chrome Blocking By McAfee

McAfee has been well-known as security software in this tech era and has an edge over other antivirus due to its cutting-edge technology. The best part of McAfee antivirus software company is, it provides promising security to PC, lap top, tablets, mobile, and so on. Therefore, it has been one of the most sought-after anti viruses software for both home users and business. The products of McAfee antivirus software are available on the market, including McAfee Total Protection, McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone or iPad,  McAfee Mobile Security for Android, McAfee Virus Removal Service, and so on. But remember one thing all these software must be install through Activate McAfee Retail Card otherwise software will not work properly.

In order to add more feathers to the cap of McAfee antivirus software, one more product has been rolled out in 2018 and its name is McAfee Total Protection that provides complete solution to your Personal computer and is enabled with premium antivirus identity, privacy protection, password manager, firewall, paternal control, cloud storage, 100% virus removal guarantee, multi-device protection, and many more. It promises its customers that their PC will not be infected with virus. On encountering any issue, they will get support from experts remotely to resolve their issues. On account of these reasons, McAfee Total Protection is one of the leading software in this tech era.

Google Chrome Blocking By McAfee

It has been reported that Google Chrome blocking by McAfee in a few of the Microsoft Windows devices. McAfee is not supportable to the Google Chrome therefore it does not allow its users to install this browser on laptops or desktops. If the users want to disable McAfee antivirus software on their laptop, tablets, and computers than install Google Chrome, despite making this effort, the users will never be able to browse websites on the browser as you turn on McAfee antivirus software, McAfee will block ports that will make you unable to access websites. It has been reported by some users, renaming the chrome.exe can be solution to this issue but it is not perfect one.

Steps To Fix McAfee Google Chrome Blocking By McAfee

  • The latest version of McAfee should be installed on your device.
  • McAfee’s users must install all the live updates on their system.
  • If you intend to unblock Google Chrome and want to browse websites on this browser, you must give full access to the Google Chrome and provide permission to the McAfee console as well.
  • Later on, you will open to your McAfee antivirus.
  • Now, you go to the home screen of McAfee antivirus, after that click on “navigation” link which you can find on the top right corner of the McAfee window.
  • As you click on it, you will find many options to choose from.
  • After that, you can click on the “Firewall” option.
  • You will find program permission tab which has the Google Chrome application listed there.
  • You must click on “Google Chrome application” and then select “edit”.
  • As you finish this step, you must click on “allow” and provide full access for Google chrome. 

All though you find it hard to resolve Google Chrome Blocking by McAfee issue on your own, you can coordinate experts who can assist you remotely. Thus, you will be able to fix this issue with ease. 

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How To Fix McAfee Blocking Google Chrome Issue Easily
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