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McAfee is the name of the prominent antivirus in this tech era. As we know that our devices are vulnerable which can be invaded by cyber criminals with ease. Therefore, it is our prime concern to give invincible security to our device. With a view to providing the security to the device, McAfee Activate antivirus software turns out to be one of the best security options for the users. It comes with the latest technology. However, the users of McAfee stumble upon a few of the technical glitch; this post is going to cover the download or install issue of McAfee antivirus product on your Windows PC. The following points are going to help you to fix download or install issue of McAfee, are given below.

This sort of issue is found if web browser uses both outdated temporary files and cookies when user tries to open home page of In order to Delete Outdated Cookies And Temporary Files here are the few steps which are given below.

Steps For Google Chrome

  • At first, you must open Google Chrome.
  • You must find three dots which are situated on the upper right corner of the home screen and to click on them.
  • Under it you find more tools open to click.
  • Now, click “clear browsing data”.
  • Under the clear browsing data field.
  • You will be required selecting browsing history.
  • Now reach to download history.
  • And then cached images and files.
  • Cookies and other site data.
  • You will click on “clear browsing data”.
  • Thereafter, close chrome.
  • Now, reopen chrome.

Steps For Internet Explorer

  • At first, you will open internet explorer.
  • After that you click on tools.
  • And then click on “internet options”.
  • Move to the under browsing history.
  • Now, you will click on “delete”.
  • Thereafter, you will go to deselect “Preserve Favorites website data”.
  • Click to select.
  • Temporary internet files and website files.
  • Cookies and website data.
  • History.
  • Click on “history”.
  • Close the internet explorer.
  • Now, reopen internet explorer.

In Case Of Using Different Browser

  • You must find the similar options under settings, tools or more.
  • After that you can delete cookies and website data.
  • And then you must close and reopen your browser.

After following the above given steps, you will access the McAfee home page one more time if you still find the same issue, you can contact McAfee support.

Access To Non McAfee Website And Find A Blank Page

It occurs on your system due to malware that can block your access to the legitimate websites, including, and can prevent you from installing or updating your security products.

Malware that can send your browser to another website or it will display as a bland page. If you encounter such kind of issue, it means your PC is infected or under attack of malware. 

How To Overcome This Issue

First and foremost, you will run the McAfee GetSusp tool that will find suspicious files and programs on your PC.

Thing To Remember: If you are unable to access website, you must download GetSusp on your system that will provide you access to the website.

  • At first, you must visit the McAfee GetSusp product page.
  • At first, you must visit the McAfee GetSusp product page.
  • After that you can review the software license.
  • Thereafter, you click on “download” option.
  • If you want to download McAfee GetSusp on your system.
  • You must copy the GetSusp.exe file from your PC to a USB stick.
  • After that you must plug the memory stick into your PC which you suspect may be infected.
  • You make double-click “GetSusp.exe”.
  • You must visit security prompt of your Windows to click on “yes”.
  • And then click on “scan now”.
  • You must go through all the terms and conditions, after that you can click on “I accept the agreement “and click on “OK”.

By way of running GetSusp tool on your system, your suspicious files and programs will be scanned completely.

In order to learn more about GetSusp tool, there are many platforms which can help you, and one of the most prominent online platforms is this online community which is available to give you assistance.

If you are unable to install McAfee software on your system, it happens due to log on to with the wrong account. If you find this error, the following steps will help you.

  • You can log out of
  • The credentials which are provided by you must be correct.
  • Now, go to official website of To sign with correct information.
  • You must go for installing the product again.

The above given steps are lengthy that will help its users to overcome download or install issues of McAfee issue. However, you are unable to resolve download or install issues of McAfee; you can get the customer support remotely who are always ready to fix your problem in a few minutes.

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Overcome Download Or Install Issues Of McAfee Website
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