Disable Or Enable McAfee Net Guard

In this scenario, to give protection to our devices and personal data is our primary duty. The data which was stored and downloaded on our device is vulnerable and can be compromised by cyber criminals with ease to get massive monetary benefits out of it. McAfee is incorporated with several advanced features; one of the most prominent features offered by McAfee is the McAfee Net Guard. It can block suspicious, unauthorized websites on the internet. This tool prevents you from downloading malicious websites thus, you can protect your devices from being attacked and hacked by this tool.

McAfee is so robust antivirus software that it can block even those websites which are not dangerous if it finds even a small thing in the website that is not up to its standard. However, it happens once in a while. Being an important website, you need to open it. At this point of time, with the help of McAfee net guard, you can access these blocked websites. This post will share the entire process to its users who are unable to access blocked websites.

If you want to allow websites that are blocked by McAfee net guard, it is possible, but for this, you need to disable the services of McAfee net guard. After accessing the blocked websites, you must enable McAfee net guard again to keep your system safe from the prying eyes. Have a glance at those steps which are used to enable and disable McAfee net guard. At first, you must install the McAfee antivirus application on your system or device.

1. After doing the installation of security software on your device, you will move to the web and then email settings that will prompt you to click on the “gear icon “on your device screen.

2. As a next step, your screen has a firewall option to visit, as you take your cursor on the firewall option, you will have the “net guard option” to click.

3. In order to turn off or turn on the net guard, you need to click “switch icon”.

4. As soon as this procedure is done, you visit the settings to save, thereafter you can use blocked websites.

If you want to avoid disabling the McAfee net guard, however, you want to visit the blocked website by the McAfee net guard. By way of using an alternative method, it is possible to access the blocked websites or content. The following steps will guide you to find the solution to this issue.

The Following Steps Will Help You Unblock Websites From The List

1. At first, it is required to install the McAfee application on your device.

2. Under In the next step, you will have access to The McAfee internet guard, the above-given steps which have been explained, you need to follow.

 3. After that you can navigate through the list of the blocked websites.

4. Now, it is one of the most important steps that will take you to the websites you want to unblock.

5. After that, make right-click on the blocked website  that you want to unblock, thereafter, you select “allow the connection”.

6. In the last step, you move to the setting and keep on using the website which was blocked.

If you want to remove the site from the blocked list, the following these steps will help you.

1. Go to select the websites.

2. Then, Click “ delete”.

The net guard is a unique feature of McAfee security software the users of McAfee can learn easily how to enable or disable this net guard by going through this article. However, if the users have any issues, they can coordinate with the McAfee Activate experts who are ready to provide their support remotely.

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How To Disable Or Enable McAfee Net Guard In Simple Way
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