How To Disable McAfee Antivirus On Windows Computer

McAfee is one of the legit antivirus security companies, which provides invincible security to your PC and other devices against cybercrime which is spreading its wings. In this digital world, cybercrime duped millions of companies by way of hacking their devices. But McAfee gives fool proof security that scans every file and does not allow virus on your devices, and it can also block files which have malicious code. Once in a while or by mistake, legitimate file can be blocked or cleaned by McAfee Antivirus Activation software if it takes it as an infected file. This work of McAfee is considered as a false positive. In order to work with this file, you can disable McAfee antivirus on windows.

Disable McAfee antivirus on windows does not show that McAfee is not in your computer. It is true this security software is still in your computer. As soon as you turn off this software in computer, your computer becomes vulnerable and can be attacked by virus easily.

Why McAfee Antivirus Is Disabled

The main cause of disabling antivirus is this if antivirus and security software interfere with Linksys E/EA series installation. In order to execute installation without any interruption, it becomes necessary to disable any one of the antivirus.

Steps To Disable McAfee Antivirus On Windows Computer

In order to disable McAfee antivirus on windows, there is a process which the users have to follow and the same process to remove but it is a slightly different.

1.  At first, you make right click on the icon of McAfee antivirus software in the windows taskbar.

2.  The next step is to choose “change settings and real time scanning.

3.  You can move into popup Window to turn it off.

4.  Now, move to select “When You Start Your Computer and Turn off”.

5.  Now, on window start button, you can make right click and then you can select “apps & features”.

6.  After that you can select “the programs & features text links” on the right.

7.  Later on, you can move to popup window to select the McAfee antivirus software and you will have two option to select uninstall or change.

8.  It will ask you to follow the wizard to remove antivirus software form your system.

9.  After that you can reboot your system.

This is such a very simple method to disable McAfee security product from your PC. Most of the security plans of the McAfee are disabled with the help of this method. One of the key reasons to use this method is this it does not take long time to disable and does not leave any files to be scanned.

There are many other tools available to disable McAfee antivirus on windows like McAfee consumer product removal tool but sometime, window installer does not work in a proper way and it leaves files behind and it also has flaws in cleaning the registry.

Disable McAfee antivirus on windows becomes necessary for the users when they run two or more antivirus simultaneously. But it has process to do, with the help of this article, the users can learn easily how to McAfee antivirus on windows computer. If there is an issue, you can make a contact to the McAfee.Com/Activate experts who can help you remotely.

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How To Disable McAfee Antivirus On Windows Computer
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