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McAfee was founded by John McAfee in the US in order to give protection to all those devices which are connected to the internet for instance computer, laptop, and tablet. In this tech era, the virus seems to be present everywhere that can access the devices easily. If devices are not protected by antivirus, both devices and data which is installed in it, are vulnerable and can be stolen by cybercriminals without making huge efforts. McAfee Antivirus Activation keeps updating its versions to provide impenetrable security to your devices which are guarded by it. This post is dedicated to how to delete McAfee software permanently from system.

Significance of Antivirus

Many antivirus users think once they subscribe security product that their system is secured against virus. But the whole system cannot be protected by one security product and it has many layers of security, and users have to follow a few steps on regular basis.

  • At regular interval, software must be updated.
  • Keep checking your OS and JAVA must be updated.
  • If you have installed Adobe on your system which should be updated at regular interval.
  • The software which has been installed on your PC must be updated.
  • Beyond all these things, system needs to be protected with a firewall.

As we use antivirus to save our devices from virus, after certain time, we want to delete McAfee software permanently. Before deleting McAfee software, we must take serious precautions, and some of them are given below.

  • Check the full back before making up mind to uninstall McAfee.
  • Uninstalling process depends on the version of McAfee.

How To Delete McAfee Software Permanently From System

  • First and foremost, move to search.
  • During the next process, you must type the “control panel” in the search bar.
  • After that you will go to select and then open control panel.
  • Move to “programs uninstall a program” category.
  • You can follow the prompts.
  • The files which are related to the application will be removed from the PC.
  • After that, you will restart the computer. 

Delete McAfee Software Permanently With The Help Of MCPR Tool

  • At first, you must save your work and then close all the open programs.
  • Move to “service”.
  • Find and open “75101331”.
  • After that you will find link to tap on “how to remove McAfee with MCPR”.
  • It will display download link to “MCPR”.
  • Soon you will download MCPR and make tap on “MCPR” to open.
  • Now, you will reboot the system.
  • As we know that MCPR is McAfee removal tool.

McAfee Should Not Be In Managed Mode

Make sure McAfee should not be in a managed mode in order to delete it completely from your system. For delete McAfee software permanently, you must change McAfee into unmanaged mode by way of following the below given steps.

  • At first, you must open the “command prompt”.
  • Now go to search box to type “command prompt” to click.
  • Under the files folder, you must navigate the command prompt.
  • After that you should type” C:Program FilesMcAfeeCommon Framework”.
  • Now, you should type”frminst.exe /remove=agent”.
  • And then tap on enter “key”.
  • By way of following above given steps, you will be able to delete McAfee software permanently from your PC. 

For the purpose of delete McAfee software permanently, we are supposed to follow the above given steps that will help us to fix this issue in no time. However, you have any difficulty to resolve this issue, you can contact to the experts to get assistance.

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Steps To Delete McAfee Software Permanently From System
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