Create McAfee Vault On USB Drive

To give protection to our data with utmost care is only possible when we use our personal vault on our computer that data can be transferred from one device to another via USB drive or CD or DVD. The best part of the personal vault is this password can’t be accessed by someone unless desired persons. In this race, McAfee personal vault is far better than others and it provides an opportunity to hide sensitive files or folders in vaults that are protected by a password. In this post, the required information to create a McAfee vault on a USB or Media device is given below.

What Is A Media Vault

In this tech era, most of the users are moving towards McAfee mobile security that is enabled with unique features, and you can save all your crucial information in the Media Vault. A secure vault is a place where you can secure your data including your video, photos, documents, and many more which can be accessed with a PIN.

Here are a few dedicated steps that will help you to create a McAfee Vault on a USB drive or media device.

The steps which are given below is applicable only for Windows 7, 8, and Vista operating systems. Let’s try to find out the solution.

If you want to create a vault, before that you must change the location of the storage data into the removable device.

• The next step is to click on “Start” and select “computer” after that, you can open an explorer window.

• You can make double–click the “McAfee Vaults” sign.

• Later on, you will be asked to click “create” to start the create vault wizard.

• Now, mention the name and the size of the vault, after that click on” advanced”.

• You can move to next to the “filename” choice, click “browse” in order to open the file selector window.

• Now, you can navigate to “my computer” after that you can select the device that is linked with removable device in which you have saved your data.

• Now, click “open”.

• You will be asked to click “OK” to close the advanced choice.

• After that, click “next“, and then select “No I want to leave it locked".

• Now, click “finish”.

In order to unlock the vault on the media file or USB drive, you must take your USB drive and insert it into your system. For the purpose of unlocking the vault on another system, and that system must be installed with a file lock.

Take a note of it, you must close vaults if open when using removable storage device for the sake of avoiding file damage.

To create McAfee vault on a USB drive and media file, we need to follow a few of the steps, which have been explained the above. If you find it difficult to create a McAfee vault on a USB vault drive, you can contact McAfee Activate support that can help you remotely. At this support firm the experts will help you to resolve your issue easily in minimum time of frame.

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How To Create McAfee Vault On USB Drive Or Media Device
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