Comparison Between McAfee Vs Quick Heal

The antivirus does not only safeguard your system but also protects your data from letting away into lurking eyes. In order to provide security to your system into multiple layers, your system must be protected by antivirus so that virus cannot intrude on your computer, but question arises how to pick the best antivirus that can cater to your need. In this post, all the characteristics of McAfee and Quick heal are considered, and both antivirus are most sought-after as well as award -winning security software in this tech era. It becomes easy for the new users to pick the convenient one.

Comparison Between McAfee Vs Quick Heal

In order to make comparison between McAfee Vs Quick Heal, few things must be considered including its features, prices, plans which can serve your purpose of buying antivirus. Let’s see comparison between McAfee Vs Quick heal.

Features Of Quick Heal Antivirus Software

The main purpose of designing this antivirus is to detect and remove the virus from your computer. This antivirus is enabled with scanning features that can scan your system in no time and can recognize malicious and infected files or folder with ease. The security software of quick heal is good for small and medium range of enterprises, consumers, cloud computing environment, and many more. Here features of Quick heal antivirus software are given below.

• Firewall of this antivirus software prevents your network from being compromised and blocks online threats at initial stage before it access your computer.

• It keeps your data protected that cannot be lost.

• It keeps your data protected that cannot be lost.

• The filtrations of e-mails which are infected and having malicious links.

• The scanning feature of Quick Heal software does not slow down your PC.

• It protects your system from infected and malicious websites and virus.

• It comes with the feature of cloud-based security.

• It provides you help to identify and fix vulnerabilities on your system.

• It is enabled with parental control, automatic scan scheduler and an anti-keylogger tool.

Features Of McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee is renowned antivirus software that comes with a bundle of features, and protects system from virus, malware, spyware, and many more therefore a bevy of consumers is increasing day by day. A few of the features of this antivirus is given below.

• The scanning of McAfee antivirus is robust enough to scan all the infected files and folders easily but only if you activate your antivirus through Redeem McAfee Retail Card. The best part of its scanning is this it has zero impact on your system.

• It keeps malware, virus, and spyware at bay and does not let them enter on your system.

• The personal firewall of McAfee is one of the most powerful features that protect your network from infection. The hackers cannot breach the security which is provided by firewall.

• It is enabled with anti-spamming features.

• Real time monitoring of McAfee is one step ahead than its competitors.

• Safe web-browsing feature gives its users freedom to surf on the internet.

• It does not let your password steal, because it comes with password manager feature.

• McAfee shredder is unique feature of this program that can shred infected files at the initial stage.

• The VPN of McAfee gives freedom to its users to do online shopping on public Wi-Fi.

• It cleans system within a few minutes and deletes unnecessary files. 

Price of Quick Heal

It varies from program to program. Quick Heal is having three programs which are different in prices. The price of Quick Heal antivirus pro is $29.53, and the cost of Quick Heal internet security is $39.34, and the superb plan of Quick Heal is to its Quick Heal antivirus total security and is its price is $73.83. All these subscriptions are paid annually.

Price Of McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee total protection comes with various programs along with separate price. The price of McAfee total protection for three devices or unlimited devices are $24.99 or $39.99. This is valid for one year.

The comparison between McAfee and Quick Heal is enough to give you an idea which is better for you.  Mostly, people prefer McAfee due to its cutting-edge technology which gives edge over its competitors. In a conclusion, McAfee is a winner and more sophisticated antivirus software than Quick Heal.

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