Comparison Between McAfee And Norton

The comparison between McAfee and Norton makes its users decisive to subscribe to antivirus security software that can full the purpose of the subscribers. Nowadays, cybercriminals are equipped with sophisticated technology which they convert into innovative tricks such as malware, ransomware, virus, and so on to dupe tech users in many ways, and if your the system is not protected by the antivirus security software, they can get access to your system with ease. The tech users are left with no choice except to subscribing to antivirus software. Selecting antivirus software is no more a piece of cake for the users in the present scenario. Oodles of antivirus made their appearance in the market and McAfee and Norton come in the list of top-class category, therefore, the comparison of both antiviruses is done in this post.

For the purpose of comparing McAfee and Norton, go through like for like basis comparison between McAfee Total Protection Norton 360 Deluxe.  The features of both antiviruses are given below that will help you understand which one is better for you.

Features Of Norton 360 Deluxe Antivirus

Norton bundles with extra features which are missing in other antivirus and its advanced features are given below.

• Secure VPN

• Password Manager

• PC Cloud Backup 50 GB

• Smart Firewall

 • Online Threat Protection

 • Antivirus

• Anti-Spyware

• Parental Controls

• Malware & Ransomware Protection

• PC Safecam

Parental Control

Being parents, no need to worry about the online behavior of the kids which can be controlled by parents, and even the digital content can be controlled. Parents can decide the content for their kids and block unsolicited and age-restricted content. While being away from the house, parents can decide the time limit for their kids so that the proximity with kids cannot be sulfured.

Pc Safecam

PC Safecam does not allow unauthorized users to access your PC webcam, and it sends notifications to its users if someone tries to breach the security of your webcam. It monitors all the activities of hackers and gives you options to block them to use your webcam.

Pc Cloud Backup

The users can store their data in the cloud back up to 50 GB which cannot be accessed by hackers. All the important documents like files or sensitive information can be saved in it.

Password Manager

Most cybercriminals are good at decrypting the week password. A password manager is robust enough to prevent from being compromised. It manages and secures all the letters or numeric numbers or signs and so on. Do not need to remember the length of the password.

Secure VPN

VPN (Virtual private network) gives freedom to its users to use public Wi-Fi and hot spot while making an online transaction. It creates a wall between hackers and your personal information that cannot be accessed. If you use Norton 360 deluxe plan, the online information which you use cannot be revealed by someone.

Smart Firewall

Smart Firewall is advanced feature of Norton plan which works as a guard and monitors incoming or outgoing traffic on your gadgets. if someone tries to invade the security of your device via a network, it can be neutralized at an initial stage.

Features of McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is one of the hot favorite plans of McAfee’ users that are enabled with all sorts of latest technology, a few of the features are mentioned below.

• Password Manager

• Identity Theft Protection

• File Shredder

 • Safe Webcam Browsing

 • Performance Optimization 

• Encrypted Storage

• Multi Device Compatibility

 • Home Network Security 

• Award-Winning Antivirus

 • Security Expert And Online Support

Multi-Device Compatibility

McAfee Total Protection can be utilized for many devices, if you activate it through McAfee Retail Card Activation and it can save all of them at the same time. Most of the commercial centers use this plan to secure its data and system from being hacked or stolen. If a system is accessed by cybercriminals, this act leads any company to close or lose its entire business.

Performance Optimization

McAfee Total Protection does not affect the performance of your system and it does not slow down the speed of the system. Due to this feature, it makes this plan a cut above the rest.

Identity Theft Protection

The identity of the tech users is vulnerable can be stolen by hackers with ease, and it can be used for many purposes. Once identity is accessed by wrongdoers, make sure it can leave you in a difficult situation. McAfee antivirus is robust enough to protect online identity with ease.

File Shredder

If you are net user and your device is connected to the internet then you should install this antivirus by McAfee Redeem Card, your device may receive many unwanted files which may be malicious and can infect your system. This software can delete all the unwanted files and folders which are available on your system.

Home Network Security

McAfee antivirus security comes with this tool that helps its users control the network of your system and home.

The comparison helps its users to decide the better one between Norton and McAfee. With the help of this blog, the users can pick according to their needs. On the whole, McAfee is better than Norton.    

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Comparison Between McAfee And Norton Antivirus Software
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