McAfee and Kaspersky are the leading antivirus options for the customers due to its state-of-the-art features. Customers generally found them at sea while opting for one in many options available. While considering this point, a deep analysis is necessary that can help them to select the better one according to what they need. This post is dedicated to providing in-depth comparative analysis that covers many points which are very important to know like price, features, customer satisfaction, user-friendliness, malware protection, system performance, and many more.

Features of McAfee and Kaspersky

The buyers who want to reach a decision to buy antivirus must read all the features carefully so that they can get the best use of its worth.

The Features Of McAfee

McAfee comes with four options under total protection packages that depend on number of devices including single device, individual and couple, family, and ultimate. McAfee Total Protection is compatible with all the major platforms including Windows, Android, iOS,and macOS. After Redeem McAfee Card it is enabled with advanced features including VPN that protects your online activities, as well as your online credentials that cannot be decrypted and gives you freedom to use public Wi-Fi, a password manager gives protection of your password which cannot be accessed by hackers or cybercriminals, 256-bit encryption which helps you save your document like photos, files, and so on, web browsing tools is strong enough to block all the suspicious files, a file shredder that can delete all the suspicious and malicious files with ease, home network security protects your home network from the attack of virus.

Total McAfee Protection is available in many plans which depend on number of devices if you want to provide protection for one PC or a Smartphone, single device will be an ideal option. The other plan for five devices is known as couple or individual package, the plan for ten devices come under the name of family plan, if you are looking forward to giving protection to more than 10 devices, the ultimate option will be a right choice for the customers.

Features of Kaspersky

Kaspersky is enabled with bundle of features under the name of Kaspersky total security and further categorization is done on the basis of its features. At the initial stage, Kaspersky provides free security to the device under the name of Kaspersky Free that can keep the attack of malware at bay and protect against suspicious and malicious websites. But security is little fragile in free version vis-à-vis paid version of Kaspersky i.e; Kaspersky antivirus which provides for impenetrable security cover. Kaspersky antivirus is supportable to the PC only, added features to this plan are like extra layer of security against malware and spyware and vulnerability scanner and more.

The next plan is Kaspersky Internet Security which is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. The added features to this plan firewall, privacy, webcam protection, and encrypted browser that is as robust as banking. The next level of security is Kaspersky Total Security which is enabled with advanced security features like a password manager, PC file protection, and parental control. The top level total Kaspersky security is Kaspersky security cloud that is enabled with all the features of Kaspersky internet security and Kaspersky total security, apart from these features several extra features are added to it like data leak checker, app permission manager and VPN.

Malware Protection Provided By McAfee And Kaspersky

Both are renowned antivirus of this tech era that is robust enough to provide protection against malware or unknown malware (zero-day malware). The test of reliability, usability, protection is conducted and both virus stands out and shows good result.

Comparison In Pricing Between McAfee And Kaspersky

Price is the major deciding factor behind which antivirus to opt for. Marking high prices to antivirus is worthless; since most of the customers will find themselves unable buy it.

The McAfee Total Protection which is supportable with android, macOS, iOS, and Windows. The price for one device is $29.99 for one year, the cost of five devices will be $34.99, and the users of ten devices will have to spend $39.99 per year, this price has been slashed down after discount, only for new customers. While the price under the plan of Kaspersky anti-virus for one PC is $29.99, for three PC price will be $56.99 and the cost of five PC will be $74.99.

McAfee and Kaspersky are the two most prominent anti-viruses software in the market, which are incorporated with the latest features. Both are the good choice for the users but McAfee is better than Kaspersky. If you need more information regarding this comparison, get in touch with McAfee Retail Card Activation team to resolve your respective antivirus related issues easily.

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Side By Side Comparison Between McAfee And Kaspersky
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