Check The Working Features Of McAfee

McAfee security software is enabled with cutting edge features which are robust enough to protect your devices from online threats; however, its features stop working due to some technical glitches, at this point, the McAfee Activate users must know how to check the working features of McAfee so, they can resolve their issues with ease. Taking these issues into consideration, this post has been published to fix their issues at one fell swoop. Without further ado, go through this article to find the solution with regard to McAfee. This post includes McAfee features in Windows and macOS only.

Keep Your Security Software Up-To-Date

In order to protect your system against viruses like Trojan, malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. the McAfee users must know how to update their security software then check the working features of McAfee.Here are the steps to up-to-date your security software.

  • To begin with making right-click on the M-shield which is located next to the clock, if you are unable to find the McAfee icon, you must click on “show more icon" button.
  • Now, tap on “check for updates”.
  • After that you will be asked to wait unless update is completed via a message it will let you know.
  • As soon as your product is updated, you will check one by one its features working which are below.

Know About Virus Detection Which Is Working Or Not

For The Purpose Of Detecting Virus On Your System, It Has Two Ways To Do So Which Are Mentioned Below.

  • by way of using this one, you can test antivirus test file with ease.
  • Artemis test.exe- using this one you can test antivirus file.

In order to download, you must visit website, here are a few steps are provided below:

  • You can download either or ArtemisTest.exe on your system.
  • In general, the test file is always inside a .zip for instance ArtemisTest.exe which is taken from the .zip folder which is located on your desktop.
  • For the purpose of running a file to double-click, if there is no technical issue with McAfee software, you will receive a message in which you will find virus is detected and quarantined.
Spam Detection

With the help of the McAfee security, it users can monitors all sorts of email phishing, unsolicited messages, virus infection, and so on. All these threats are moved into anti spam folder, later you can reviewed and mange them as per your requirement. Some versions of McAfee security also work with your email software to monitor incoming email for virus infections, phishing attempts, and unsolicited messages. These messages are moved into a special antispam folder, and can be reviewed later and managed as required. In order to test this product, you must create a custom filtering rule that can prevent email with 77777 in the subject. Later on, you can send all spam email into this subject line.

How To Test McAfee Firewall

To test McAfee firewall, the users need to have two computers at home and to have basic knowledge of windows file sharing as well. By way of going through the steps which are dedicated to file sharing are given below.

  • Use your computer, and then press the windows+R keys together.
  • Go to the run box and type CMD in to it then tap on enter.
  • Adding this command by typing IPCONFIG and hit on enter.
  • Find the line IPv4 address and then write down its number.
  • Move to the upper right corner of the window, you will find the x, and close the command prompt.
  • On second 2 computers: press the windows +R keys.
  • Now, type the command in order to connect to your first computer via IP address.
  • After that it is a time to replace “XX” with the IP address which you have noted down in your first computer. Now you can connect to your first computer.
Change Network Type Of First Computer Home/Work To Public
  • You will open your McAfee product on your first computer.
  • After that you can click on PC security.
  • Now, select the firewall of your product.
  • After that open “my network connection”.
  • Go to the network list to review and select the local network with your local network IP range.
  • Click on the “edit”.
  • In order to find network type field, you can use the drop down the list to switch from home /work to public.
  • Now, click on the save.
On Computer 2
  • Hit the Windows +R keys together.
  • Now, you can connect to your first computer using IP address.
  • You must replace the “XX” with the numbers from the IP address that you gathered from your first computer.
  • After that you will not be able to connect to your computer first.
  • Therefore, you will be no longer to be able to connect to your first computer and it shows that firewall is blocking the connection attempt.
  • Move back to step 6, after that you must reset your network kind back to home/work.
To Check The Quickclean Is Functioning

In order to remove all the trash like temporary files or cookies which are available on your system is used by the McAfee owners. For the purpose of checking the quickclean is working or not, you must run the quickclean so that files can be removed with ease.

  • Pressing the windows +R keys together.
  • Go the run box and type %temp% and hit on enter in order to open temp folder.
  • As you will be in the temp folder, your first work will be to create text file, and save it. Keep in mind to create this file by using notepad.
  • Now, you will open McAfee software.
  • After that move to the upper right to find gear icon to click.
  • As you select the quickclean, the temporary directly is selected by default.
  • Now, click on “clean”.
  • In order to check the file that has been deleted, you must go back to the temp folder.
Examine File Shredder Is Working Or Not To Delete The Files

If you delete the files from your system, you must use the file shredder. As you use it, the file will not be in your system. After that if you find the file in your system, it means file shredder is not working correctly. Here are a few tips that will pave the path to run the file shredder on your system.

  • At first, you must open McAfee security software.
  • Now, you will click on the “my privacy" tab.
  •  Tap on the “shred unwanted files”.
  • After that you will select those files and folder that you want to shred.
  • Now, you must decide the kind of shred that you want to perform. 
  • Tap on the “shred”.

With the help of article, you will be able to check the working features Of McAfee. Thus, you can make the best of this product. If you need more information regarding this topic you can get best online support from the experts who are available to assist you round the clock.

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How To Check The Working Features Of McAfee Software
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