BitDefender vs McAfee

Both antiviruses are well-known for providing impenetrable shields to devices and online credentials against cyber-criminals in this digital world. In this scenario, devices and online credentials are vulnerable to be misused by hackers easily. Therefore, it has been so important to protect your device from online threats that plague the internet. But the problem is in front of the antivirus users is to select one good antivirus out of the heap of antiviruses available in the market. Users usually find themselves utterly miserable in opting for one antivirus out of the multiple options available all claiming to be the best. Therefore, here is the comprehensive analysis of these antiviruses that will lead you to the decisive point without losing your precious time.

Buyers must think a few of the points which will help them pick the best one. Features that can help you select antivirus like impact on system performance, interface, features, anti-malware protection, pricing, popularity, and customers’ ratings.

Unique Features Of BitDefender

BitDefender comes with comprehensive security products, and if users want to get the best features, they must move on to get premium packages. BitDefender the free edition is good up to some extent because the company’s freeware is available only for the window platform that can protect against the online threat. But sophisticated features and utilities are missing in the free version of the product.

BitDefender antivirus plus 2021 is a top-notch product for windows. It comes with a bunch of cutting-edge features, which are given below

File Shredding Tool And Password Manager

Sensitive files cannot find their place on your system and they get deleted by this tool automatically. As we all know remember complex passwords is very tough for us. With the help of password manager users can secure their login details or passwords against online theft or misuse.


It protects your online credentials from being compromised by hackers while you use public Wi-Fi which is a soft place to hack the device or information. VPN provides a strong cover from behind.

Vulnerability Scanner And Anti Fraud Feature

Security flaws or outdated software can be scanned automatically and it has anti fraud feature also which means it protects your device from malicious or phishing websites.

Two Way Firewall

It not only does monitor your network but also blocks all sorts of online threats and limited parental control feature helps you to prevents your kids from accessing age-restricted online content and keeps an eye on the online behavior of your kids.

With file vault feature your sensitive data can be encrypted by it in no time.

Webcam and Microphone monitor- it can protect you from spyware activities.

BitDefender Total Security 2021

It is compatible with all sorts of windows macOS, iOS, and android. This plan covers up to 5 devices and offering to add more. A few of the specific features are given below. 

1. Multi layer ransom ware protection- your online credentials as well your personal data like videos, pictures, documents cannot be accessed by hackers. It provides unfathomable multi-layered security against any ransom ware threat.

2. Optimization tools- it can enhance the performance of your system by reorganizing junk and temporary files. 

3. Anti Theft Module- it is basically designed to locate your stolen or lost devices. 

Unique Features Of McAfee

McAfee boasts a bundle of advanced features which varies from plan to plan so you can pick one according to your needs and do not forget to Redeem McAfee Retail Card. McAfee Total Protection is one of the leading antiviruses that are compatible with all sorts of windows like MacOS, Android, windows, and so on. A few of the features which are very common to find in McAfee product and some of the high-end features are related only to a bit expensive packages. Some general features are mentioned below

Firewall And Identity Protection

Your devices cannot be intruded on by any online predator because the firewall is strong enough to protect your system. And it has identity protection also with the help of this any personal information cannot be compromised or misused by hackers. If something bad happens, you can coordinate experts who are available around the clock.

Malware Scanner And Parental Control

It scans each and every file present in your device and eliminates any file which reeks of malware danger.  Parental Control feature provides virtual control on your kids online activities and can keep an eye on their online behavior. You can decide what content they should have access to and for how much time. In a nutshell, you can regulate their screen time with a stronghold on access to the content.

Tracking Facility And Permanent Delete Feature

While being away from your kids, you can track your kids easily and it helps you find the exact location of your kids. And with the help of permanent delete feature your files are deleted safely which cannot be accessed by anyone else.

McAfee Vs BitDefender : Which Software Puts Less Impact On System Performance

At the time of buying security software, the impact of software on system performance is one of the most important points to take note of. Both McAfee and Bit defender is prominent antivirus, equally good in terms of system performance. Their star ratings are similar which they receive from experts.

McAfee Vs BitDefender : Which Security Software Is More Famous Among Users

McAfee and BitDefender are gaining popularity globally due to their security-enhanced features and their users are increasing by leaps and bounds. If we study their fame, in this point of view, McAfee is leading over BitDefender slightly.

In this post, most of the important aspects have been covered very well which will help its users in selecting the best one. After going through the whole article, in a one-liner, you can say McAfee is having a leading edge over BitDefender. After bought McAfee antivirus software if you face any issue you can contact to McAfee.Com/Activate experts, who will resolve your issue in a minute.

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Head To Head Comparison Between BitDefender vs McAfee
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