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McAfee is the name of the prominent antivirus software that gives us unfailing security to your devices against all sorts of online threats like virus, Trojan, spyware, malware and many more. McAfee comes with strong strategy in which it wants its users to add many devices to McAfee safe family so that both family members and devices can be protected in a foolproof manner. In this digital world, if devices are not protected by antivirus, it means, the users will not have freedom to use their device without having stress.  When it comes to adding devices to McAfee safe family, this blog has complete information in detail.

For adding devices to the McAfee safe family, there are a few points to be executed and that are enumerated below.

Install The McAfee Safe Family App

McAfee safe family app used to be known as the successor to McAfee family pass which is known for its features like parental control, app blocking tools, web filtering, geofencing, and time management. This can be executed on unlimited number of android, window devices and iOS.

Create A Safe Family Profile

In order to utilize this, it is necessary to learn how to create a safe family profile and here a few steps which you need to follow to do so

1.  Add family member (the minimum number of family member should be at least one).
2.  The parent password must be configured.
3.  It will ask you to assign gadget to the users.

The below three solutions are available which is based on your gadgets you would like to add.  

If you have device which is supportable to windows, you are supposed to use the provided instructions that will help you to add more devices to the McAfee safe family. This process is executed to these Windows like Window10, Window8.8.1, and Window 7.

How To Add McAfee Safe Family On A Registered Window Device

1. At first, you move to open safe family, and thereafter log on “to the parent account”.
2. It will ask you to click “family”, later on tab on the name of the family members which are shown.
3. Now, you must click on “device” on the profile of family members, thereafter you can click “add device”.
4. Now, pick one of the given options”.
5. Now, you can make use of access code.
6. It will ask you to send an email to that account which is unregistered device.

In general, it depends on the method which you like to pick, if you pick the unregistered device method, and the steps have been explained below.

For the Windows

Make the best use of access code on an unregistered device.

1. In order to install safe family to your device, you must visit official website of McAfee.

2. The next step is to click “safe family” to open and thereafter click “connect to your family”.

3. Later on, you must go to write access code under the access field code.

4. Now, go to join family by click on it.

Adding Devices Is Possible Via Email Invitation For An Unregistered Device

1. You can open your email application on the Unregistered device, now; you can move to open the email with the title of safe family.

2. The next step which must be taken by you is this you must visit the official website of McAfee.

3. You go to open “safe family” and then click on “connect to your family”.

4. You type the code under ‘access code”.

5. As a last resort, you can click on “join family”.

For Running iOS 8

By way of using access code on an unregistered device.

1. Firstly, you must go to open the apple app on unregistered iOS device, after that it will ask you to search the McAfee Safe family.

2. After that you move to download, after that, install it to your device.

3. Now , click on “safe family” to open and tap “connect to your family”.

4. The next step is to type code under access code.

5. Click on join family.

6. Click on Next, and go through the instructions which are given to install the other two files which were needed for iOS installations.

7. After that under the safari web you tap install now, in order to install it needs certificate file.

8. Now, as you find the certificate installation screen, click on tap install.

9. Now this is a time to type iOS device passcode and then click on install twice in order to confirmation.

10. Click on done the certificate must be installed.

11. In order to install iOS profile, click on install as you click on install one more time soon after you must type iOS device passcode.

12. Click on install one more time, click on trust thereafter click on done.

Email Registration Can Be An Ideal Mode For An Unregistered Device

1. For this purpose, open email on email app with the subject of safe family on your unregistered device.

2. In the email, you can frame access code.

3. Now , you must go to open the apple app store on your unregistered iOS device and find McAfee safe family.

4. Later on, on your device, you must download and install safe family.

5. Now, you should open the safe family and click on” connect to your family”.

6. During this step, type the code under the access code.

7. Click on join family.

8. Click on Next and carefully read and follow the provided instructions to install the next two files which are needed for iOS installations.

9. During the next process, you will be prompted to click on install under the safari web browser and the installation is done to get certificate file.

10. Click on install, which is available on the certificate installation screen. And type iOS device passcode, thereafter click installs a one more time click on install.

11. Click on done, after finding the successfully installed.

12. In order to click on install to install the iOS profile. You will be prompted to tap install one more time, and type your iOS device passcode

13. Click on install one more time ,click on trust, thereafter click on done.

Adding devices to McAfee safe family is not an easy work. There are many steps which needed to be followed by the users. All the steps must be executed cautiously by the users, if you find it hard to add device to the McAfee family, you can get more information from the www.McAfee/Active expert who can give you advice remotely.

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Procedure To Add Devices To McAfee Safe Family Easily
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