Access Protection Is Not Responding

In this tech era, devices are vulnerable which are invaded by viruses, malware, Trojan, ransomware, spyware with ease. The key purpose of invading devices is its data which is available in the system, laptop, tablet, mobile, and many more. Cyber criminals want to access the data of your devices to get monetary benefits. In order to protect devices, we need to have guards that can provide them invincible security so that hackers cannot access the data as well as devices. As our devices get connected with the internet for the purpose of downloading files, documents, and many more online activities, and it opens gates for malware to penetrate into our system. The possibility of receiving viruses on our system increases. As a last resort, we are left with no choice except to give shields to our devices and data. Given the security of the system, we need to search for robust antivirus that can keep online threats at bay. Searching on the internet, we find a slew of options to defend our system like Norton, Avast, Bitdefender, McAfee, Quick Heal, etc. After doing extensive research, we found McAfee antivirus security software is one of the most secured antiviruses to provide security.

McAfee antivirus security software is enabled with advanced features, and comes with many plans that can be picked by its users according to their needs. A well-known plan of McAfee Activate software is McAfee Total Protection, which is incorporated with technologically advanced features and its innovative aspects. Although McAfee is robust software, it has a few flaws, and one of the renowned flaws is how to resolve when Access protection is not responding McAfee.

Salient Features Of McAfee Antivirus

McAfee has a bundle of features that make it stand out in this competitive era are provided below.

• Password manager is next to impossible to crack for the cyber criminals.

• Firewall of McAfee protects the network against invaders.

• In order to boost the performance of the system, system optimization is available.

• For the commercial use, McAfee comes with many plans which can protect unlimited devices.

• McAfee is compatible with PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile.

• It keeps your system at bay against anti-spam or anti-phishing protection.

The above given highly-sophisticated characteristics of this antivirus software is robust enough to give the access protection.

Define Access Protection

The access protection does not let unwanted changes happen on your system, and unauthorized person cannot access to the specified ports, shares, registry keys, and files. Moreover, it does not let users stop McAfee processes and services that crucial to smooth functioning of your system.

Causes Of Access Protection Is Not Responding With McAfee Smoothly

If the access protection and self protection policy XMLs are corrupt that gives the birth to access protection is not responding McAfee.

Ways to fix the access protection is not responding with McAfee.

• Make sure you boot your system in safe mode, in order to get more information to boot in safe mode, visit

• Delete C:Program FilesMcAfeeEndpoint SecurityEndpoint Security PlatformAP.xml and C:Program FilesMcAfeeEndpoint SecurityEndpoint Security PlatformSP.xml.

• Now, you can restart your system in normal mode. 

The access protection is not responding with McAfee, which is regarded as a common issue, and is encountered by McAfee’s users every now and then. Although the users go through this post, they find themselves unable to resolve this issue. At this point, they can make a contact to the experts to find a solution thereof remotely. 

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Why Access Protection Is Not Responding McAfee Software
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